I Dream In Color

May 31, 2017
By Anonymous

I would not call it an awakening or an enlightenment, but I’d rather say that I dream in color now. Rising up from the mess I used to be, I see the world with a new lens and I have diverted from the black and white ways. I learned what change was, with that I see millions of colors everyday. I experiment more, I act more, I take charge of the kaleidoscopic future ahead of me. I was chained to the grayscale lifestyle, judging, hating the world for putting me where I was. I didn’t want to just exist, but to be alive. It took years of bullshit for me to finally wake up and crack open my eyes from it’s cemented coma. I expanded the wings of my limitations, crossing boundaries and borders to find something greater. Now, mind you, I am still looking, still soaring over the edges, but I can feel it in my core that I am close to finding it.

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