What if...?

May 31, 2017
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... Yet in my darkest moments I wonder...
What if our story stops at 'it could have been'?
What if we spend our nights in yearning gestures, longing to come close, and yet be miles apart...
What if like the coordinates, we meet at the origins but a rift still separates us?
What if we keep drifting away like the ever expanding universe?
What if love, like life, crumbles to dust, under that mask we wear... A worn down mask... On the edges it still bears the fragrance of your cologne and my deodorant... Oh those memories that still make me smile...
What if all we can leave back is a symphony of memories, that will envelope us in a searing embrace?

Then again,
What if like the sea and the sky, we meet in tumbling tsunamis?
What if serene whiteness and raging red blend into shades of pink... And breathe kisses of delight?
What if like the vagabonds, we keep traversing these routes we've moved back over a million times, quivering in promises?
What if the azure of the ocean and the spectrum of dreams writes our story and make it even more beauteous and wonderful?
What if our story promises to be the most glorious story ever?
What if?
What if...?

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