March 20, 2009
By Anonymous

“They’re here.” I say quietly to my best friend Opal. I suddenly get the chills and feel dizzy. This is what always happens. No matter where I go, I see them. I feel them. And they feel me, too.

I used to be terrified when I would see them. I remember when I’d lock all of my emotions inside because I had nobody to tell. Nobody would want to be friends with the demented girl who sees spirits. But all of that changed when I met Opal.

She turns to me and smiles. “This one’s nice.” she says. I’ve only seen an livid spirit a few times. Most are happy that a human can see them. You see, it’s quite difficult for a human to see a spirit without particular technology. Unless you’re psychic. Then you see them everywhere. And if you can see them, they know. They’re drawn to those who can. They’re always watching. They’re always searching for someone to help them.

“I wish we could help them.” I say to Opal. She nods her head in agreement. Although I can see spirits, I don’t know what to do to help them along the way. Communication is all I’m capable of. I feel hopeless.

“Tell me more about your dead neighbor girl.” Opal says.

“Being dead is lonely. At least that’s what the spirit of my 6-year-old neighbor told me. Analise went missing over a year ago. I started seeing her right away. She’d swing on her swing set and run over to me whenever I went outside.” I told her.

“‘Where are mommy and daddy?’Analise would ask. ‘I don’t know.’ I’d always reply. At the time, I didn’t know much about my abilities. I had no answer for her. Eventually, I stopped seeing her. I figured that another spirit, maybe a deceased relative, had helped her pass over.” I confided.

The thing about Opal and I is that we can just talk, and listen to each other. Most people feel the need to give their input, but she never does that.

“What are you thinking?” Opal asks me.

“Analise.” I whisper. “I feel peace knowing that she’s not trapped here anymore. But I feel so bad for her parents. They’re still searching for her with every ounce of energy and hope that they have left. I wish I knew where her body was so I could tell the police.” I say. At the same time, Opal and I think the same thought. We both get up and walk toward Analise. She’s sitting under a tree, wearing a white dress. At first, she doesn’t notice us. But as we get closer, she turns to us and smiles.

“Cherokee!” she squeals. It’s unbelievable how much energy a dead person can have.

“Analise. We need you to show us where the man took you. We need to help you so your mommy and daddy can find you. Can you do that?” I ask. She looks confused, but nods her head. She begins to walk, and we follow.

We reach a clearing in the woods soon after. Next to a dead oak tree is her corpse. It’s more like her skeleton, since it’s been so long. It feels weird seeing both her spirit and her dead body at the same time. I don’t like the uneasy feeling it gives me. I don’t like how it looks.

“Thank you.” Opal says to her, extending her hand.

It’s too late to do anything about it now, I think. Opal and I part ways, and go home. My silk sheets feel cool against my skin. As comfortable as I am, my mind is racing too much to go to sleep. When I finally do, my alarm goes off soon after. I made sure to set it last night so I can get to the police station right away. I pull on a pair of blue jeans and a black sweatshirt, and head out the door. Opal’s waiting for me already in the driveway.

“Ready?” She asks.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” I say.

We get to the police station, and go inside when we think of something to say. I let Opal do the talking, since I’m no good with words. As the story unfolds, I shudder in my seat.

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