March 20, 2009
By Anonymous

Procrastination. It gets me every time. I wait till the last minute to do everything. Homework assignments, chores, and even meaningless tasks I put off till the last minute. It was not till last summer till it caught up with me. As usual I was given a simple task that I thought I could put off till later, but then later came.

As my parents exited the house they reminded me that my little sister need to be picked up at 4 from a friends house. As a typical teenager I heard something but I really didn’t “hear it”. As usual I replied with the trite response of “yeah yeah I got”. After multiple TV episodes I couldn’t remember where I place my keys but what did it matter I had time. Right? I look up at the clock and it was 3:55. I hopped out of the chair and began fumbling through my belongings looking for those keys. Apparently they sprouted legs and moved from where I last put them. I look under my bed and there they are. I grab them and bolt out the door and into the car.

I’ve never backed out of my driveway so fast. If only I would have payed attention to the clock and not procrastinated looking for my keys. I’ve yet to put my seat-belt on when I realize the fiery red light is on and I quickly snatch it and put it on to avoid a $90 ticket. The clock in the car reads 4 and I’m still 5 minutes away. Then of course I get stopped at a red light. I sit there impatiently till the light turns green and I take off. Over hills and around corners, I am flying. Out of the corner of my eye I see it.

A county cop is sitting there with his radar gun waiting for someone like me. I hit the brakes but it is way too late. The sirens are going off like fireworks in my rear-view. I slowly pull over and I snatch my license and registration from the glove box. The office approaches the window. “Do you realize how fast you were going?” asked the officer. In a petrified voice I reply “No sir, I don’t.” Being polite would not help me when he left my window with my things. He returns and hands me a ticket for 15 over. I take it with a sigh and go on my “merry” way. I pick up my sister and we head home. I sit impatiently for my parents return and the door slowly begins to open.

I reveal to them my brand new pink ticket. Needless to say they were not pleased. Procrastination has given me 2 weeks of grounding and a nice sum of $110 of debt. Procrastination has thwarted me for the last time.

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