bad foreshadowing

June 2, 2017

“Gosh Jeff, it sure is hot out here.”Sara states wiping the sweat from her brow.
“Yeah I guess.”Jeff responds.
“Glad we brought extra water.”Sara says.
“Sure would be bad if we ran out and were out here in thede woods with no water.”she continues.
“Speaking of which can you had me the bottle?”Jeff asks as they both stop for a second.
“Sure thing bro.”Sara responds grabbing the water bottle from her pack.
“When have you ever called me bro?”Jeff asks taking a sip of the water.
“What do you mean? You are my brother after all.”
“Yeah but I've never heard you call me bro.”He says.
“Yeah you’re right, you’re always right, maybe it's because you’re two years older than me.”Sara says reaching her hand out for the water.
“Oh no!”she exclaims as the opened bottle of water hits the Forest floor, spilling almost all of its contents.
“Good thing I made sure to pack more like I always do.It sure would be bad if we were stuck out here without water, seeing as we are very far out into the woods.”Sara says unzipping her backpack.
“Why are you talking like that?”Jeff asks.
“Like what?”Sara responds.
“Nevermind” Jeff says.
“ Oh no the water is all gone!”Sara says as her eyes widen to the sight of the empty bag.
“How is it all gone?”Jeff asked.
“I don't know it's almost as if through some backpack look alight mix up I have this bag and someone somewhere else has ours.”she responds.
“See that! That's what I'm talking about!It's like you keep foreshadowing stuff!”Jeff exclaimed.
“Jeff this isn't time for one of your jokes, even though you have always been the funny one, maybe that's why everyone always likes you.”Sara says.
“It's almost like you are trying to threaten me.”Jeff says.
“Jeff you are my brother, I love you I would never do anything to hurt you, you have always taken care of me.”Sara responded
“See I know that, and you know that, so who are you explaining it for??”Jed said not calming down.
“Jeff we don't have time for this we better get home before something happens that would maybe make it difficult for us to get away if needed. Something like you somehow hurting your left foot.”
“Why my left f...”Jeff started only to get cut off by a piece of wood making its way into his foot.
“Oh no Jeff did you step on a prince of wood??” Sara says, startled.
“How are you doing this???”Jeff yelled looking up from his bleeding foot.
“Oh no that loops bad!” Sara says” If only there were someone to help. No we are out here too far for anyone to be, except maybe some hermit who became fertile after spending years in the Forest alone and is now more beast than man.”Sara says.
“Why would you even say that??”Jeff yells.
“Oh look there is a man over there! Maybe he can help!”Sara started.”But wait, why are his clothes to torn and his hair so unkept?”
“It's a fertile man beast isn't it?” Jeff said not surprised anymore.
“Gosh Jeff you're right!! We better get out of here fast! Oh no your foot!”Sara said attempting to pido her brother up from the mossy ground.
“We are going to die out here.”Jeff says.

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