March 20, 2009
By tyler SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
tyler SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
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I tried not to look at it, a picture of me and my ops team.

“Where is your team?”
“What do u means where is my team? I was separated from them on our first mission.”
“We don’t know where they are, so u has to know where they are.”
“What do you mean u don’t know where they are? You’re the one who chose the team and our missions. Why don’t you know where they are?”
“I need your help to find your men they might be dead.”
“What? They might be dead? Why? How? I don’t understand. Where are they? Why are you questioning me!?”
“I’m going to need you to relax.”
“Don’t tell me to relax, you need to relax! I am relaxed! You’re the one who lost my team!”
“I need you to tell me everything you remember”
“I’m not sure what I remember.”
“I need you to concentrate.”
“Wait. I remember now. I was taken hostage. My team rescued me.”

“Everything was black I couldn’t see. I was blind folded I could feel the material on my head it was tight, giving me a headache. My head was throbbing I couldn’t concentrate; I had to figure out where I was. I couldn’t remember anything. The last thing I remembered was patrolling the area where my team was located. I was walking alone, looking into the darkness with night vision goggles strapped to my forehead. They were not the best in the world but I could see into the darkness of the flat lands. When I wore those goggles it felt like I was a ninja. It made me feel good. I was thinking of home, those long summer days driving the boat on the lake. Then I blacked out.

Where was I? I was sitting in a chair. My hands were cuffed behind my back. My legs were chained to the chair. I was a prisoner, A prisoner of what? Not war. We were on a recon mission. We didn’t even have any lethal weapons. My pulse pounded in my ears as I tried to fight free from the cumbersome cuffs on my wrists and ankles. There was some kind of boom that left me cringe in pain. Everything went white.

I opened my eyes slowly. Everything was blurry. My ears were ringing. There was a lot of commotion going on. Low thuds beat in my chest. I looked up at a black figure kneeling next to me. Flashes of light danced in the back of my eyes as I tried to figure out what was going on. My team had come to rescue me. One of my men tried to see if I was alright. I wasn’t. I wasn’t even sure if I could move. He picked me up and started to head for the door. Once outside he shouted something to the rest of the guys waiting outside. They all ran inside the building where I was being kept. I still couldn’t hear anything the ringing of my ears drowned out any and all other sounds. I could only feel the vibrations inside my chest bouncing around like a 50 cent bouncy ball. A helicopter waited across the street. The soldier carried me to it. The man laid me inside the chopper and walked away. The chopper lifted off the ground and started to fly away while my entire team was still in the middle of a gun fight in the building. I was furious, why would we leave them like that? What the heck?! My head started to get red but instead of keep getting red blood poured from the flesh wounds on my forehead and neck. in all of my rage I thought things were going to be okay. I glanced one more time at the burning building filled with gunfire, but then the building exploded. A huge mushroom cloud shot up into the sky. The building had been reduced to a bunch of rubble. My team was still inside when it exploded.”

“That’s all I remember.”

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