March 20, 2009
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Sarah looks out the window, as the sun begins to set she notices someone slowly walking up the hill. It’s less of a walk and more of a limp. As the left foot confidently moves forward, the right is reluctantly dragged along, like two separate beings forced to work together. With the light of the sun fading, Sarah cannot see the person’s face. Then, a car zooms past the person, and for an instant its face is lit up by the headlights. For the smallest fraction of a second, the horror is revealed. It can hardly be called a face, there are no curves, moles, imperfections, scars; just a blank slate, pale and translucent as a piece of paper left out in the rain. Blood can be seen pulsing and moving around. Its eyes contrast sharply; they are a charcoal gray and bulge from their sockets. And that smile, that horrible smile of cracked purple lips, spreading to reveal nothing, nothing at all, no teeth of any sort, just darkness.

Horrified, Sarah rushes to close the curtains, and in her panic, ripped them off completely. It was still walking, coming towards her house, each step taking 5 seconds, this leaving her with 2 minutes until it will come for her. She rushes around her room searching for some kind of weapon. Thirty seconds have already ticked away and Sarah is still defenseless. The panic gets to her head and she begins to scream, as if in some invisible agony, confused, disoriented, she bumps into furniture. Finally she finds a telephone and punches in 911, yells for help and demands that the police arrive immediately. Then she throws the phone haphazardly into another room. 20 seconds to go, she barrels down the stairs into her kitchen. Frantically, she rips open drawers, searching, searching. At last she grabs a kitchen knife, 5 seconds to go, she hears the shuffling of feet. 3 seconds, the doorbell rings, two crisp bells clanging.

She swings the door open and with blind rage stabs in a decisive blow. A young man falls to the ground, handsome, with brown hair, pale skin, and charcoal gray eyes. The police arrive within seconds and take Sarah away.

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