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May 26, 2017
By islandgirl808 BRONZE, Lihue, Hawaii
islandgirl808 BRONZE, Lihue, Hawaii
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I believe that no dreamer is ever too small no dream is ever too big .

Growing up on a small island, it takes a while for something to become the “in thing.” I recently heard a story about a kid. He took a picture of himself, and he did it in a way nobody had ever taught about. He decided to do it underwater, sitting on a chair trying to solve a rubix cube. He later became popular and is now living his dream. Becoming popular was not his plan, all he did was take a picture of himself. He goes around the world, talking about his story. That proves that even if his dream wasn’t to become famous, he had a dream and didn’t give up.
When I was a kid, in elementary school we would see poster that would say “the sky's the limit.” Being a little six and seven year old I didn’t quite know what that meant. Now being older we understand, that no matter what we dream of doing, don’t give up. Continue to follow that dream, and have nothing stop you in the way. The possibilities are endless.Possibilities are anything, say you are running, the goal that you have is to get to the finish line. Once you start running, the finish line isn?t the only thing. May be if you win you go to a state championship, or national. That is what I mean when I say possibilities are endless. It is also like the saying “no contribution is too small.” When you go to the store you see people, ringing a bell or even a charity table. When they have a sign saying something like that it is saying a lot. Like even if you have a penny, your money will make a difference.
Last year, I watched a show called GLEE. And a song they sang was “Don’t stop Believin,” by Journey. When I first heard that song, I totally loved the song. But now realizing that the song has a lot to say for and about people who have dreams. This song has a lot you wanna think about in your own way. In the line "Strangers waiting, up and down the Boulevard.” Is talking about the Hollywood Boulevard where everyone's dreams are started there.
Statistics show that only 30% of people end up with a job of there dream. I think that 30% is not a lot, but dreams change. It may not sound like not a lot, but that means that there is always room for improvement. I believe that no dreamer is ever too small no dream is ever too big .

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