March 19, 2009
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penny12 BRONZE, Minooka, Illinois
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There were once a man and a woman who had long in vain wished for a child. Then God granted their wish and they gave birth to a little girl and named her Abigail. These people had a little window at the back of their house from which a splendid apple tree could be seen, which bore the most beautiful and sweet apples in the world. It was, however, owned by the most beautiful princess in the country. One day the woman was standing by this window and looking down onto the tree, and she saw the beautiful apples, and it looked so fresh and juicy that she longed for one, and had the greatest desire to eat one. This desire increased every day, and as she knew that she could not get any of it unless she went for it her self. At twilight the next day, she over to the tree hastily clutched an apple and ate it. It tasted so good to her - so very good, that the next day she longed for it three times as much as before. If she was to have any rest, she must one again sneak over to the tree to get some for herself. In the gloom of evening, she snuck out the back door and took three more apples. She ate one and put the other two in the window to save.
The next day the beautiful princess rode her snow-white horse past the house. She saw the apples in the window and was furious. She went to the door and knocked. The woman answered the door. The princess said to her, “Are those my beautiful apples in the window?”
The woman answered, “O my beautiful princess I am terribly sorry. I longed for one.”
Now the princess was a kind woman. She said to the woman, “Give me the child you have brought in to this world for you will bore another and you may eat all the apples from my tree as you wish.”
The woman went in to the house and told her husband what the princess had said. They agreed to give their child to the princess.
The princess took the child to her palace and gave her the most beautiful room on the top of the tallest tower.
The girl grew to be beautiful with long blond hair that was always in braids and flew over 15 feet. She kept her name of Abigail.
One day a prince from a far away country rode past the palace and saw Abigail sitting in the window singing as she enjoyed herself.
He heard her song, which was so charming that he stood still and listened. The prince wanted to go to her. He did not want to disturb her though. He rode home, but the singing had so deeply touched his heart that every day he could he went to listened to it.
One day he could not wait any longer. He went to the window and called out,
“My beautiful lady please let me come to meet you. I am a prince from a far away land over the desert and your music has touched my heart.
Abigail ran out side to the prince for she had fallen in love at first sight.
The prince asked Abigail if she would take him for her husband. She thought, he would love me more than my beautiful mother from the palace does. And she said yes, and laid her hand in his. If you bring yard of silk every time that you come I will make a splendid dress with it, and when that is ready I will take you in marriage. They agreed that until that time he should come to her every other evening. For it takes time for the prince to travel.

Abigail went immediately to the princess and told her she was so happy for Abigail that she started making the wedding plans immediately.

Abigail married the prince and the set out for his country. Abigail soon gave birth to twins named Annabelle and Peter.
Abigail found her mother and father, her sister Lucy and her brother Corin living in health and happiness in the house with the window that looked down upon the splendid apple tree.
Abigail and the prince lived happily ruling in the prince’s country. They made great decisions and the country became very wealthy.

Once a month Abigail went back to the princess that she had always known as mother. They all lived for a long happy ever after.

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it's good. i've already read it

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