Look Out the Window

March 19, 2009
By Zach Longfield BRONZE, Huntley, Illinois
Zach Longfield BRONZE, Huntley, Illinois
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Shelly had just moved into this neighborhood where no one wanted to live because of the man in 91423 Qolay Lane in the city of Boulgart. The man has a white shirt and boxers and just stares out the window with binoculars just sitting there.

Everything was normal for about a year. She had everything a 17yearold would need a boyfriend; His name was Kris, a best friend named Carissa, and her dog Toby. She lived alone her mom died from cancer when she was 16. The social workers allowed her to stay. Our story begins with a spooky dark June Friday 13th night.
Carissa had just left and Shelly was home with Toby. They where watching This Howie Do It when the power went out. There was a Crisp Musky smell of a construction site right after a heavy rain. She began to worry. Toby whimpered sorrowfully. Suddenly a sharp blast of a sawn off went off and a man in a Menders mask. The power went back on and she saw the Shot up mat of an animal on the floor.
The next day was hard. Kris had decided to spend the night. Again the power went out She heard a sound she never wanted to hear again. A mans hoarse scream of pain and fear. She dashed down the tile hall her feet sloping against the floor.
She found Kris. But what she saw was painful to her stomach. It was Kris but the words’’ YOU”R NEXT’’ Where carved out in his Chest and the rest of his body. Carissa rushed over as fast as she could. They wrote down a list of suspects, but Shelly already knew who did it. When Carissa left the police arrived. Carissa was driving was driving when her car broke down. It was midnight and no one was around. She saw a truck driving by but a thin metal wire was hanging out and WHOOP her head flew of by then Shelly already knew who did it it was the man looking out the window

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