My crackhead stepfather ruined my life

May 26, 2017
By Shorty:p SILVER, Oviedo, Florida
Shorty:p SILVER, Oviedo, Florida
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My brother Noah and I have been murdered here 15 years ago. My brother died at the age of 8 and I did at the age of 10. We both chose to stay here until we were able to tell someone our story. This lovely lady named Sasha moved in here one month ago and little by little we were sending her clues to a book we had hidden in this tunnel where we had been placed. Okay fast forward to the day she had found the book.

I felt like it was taking an eternity for her to find out where the book was placed and I knew I had to do something big so she wouldn't miss what we were trying to say. Our book and bodies were placed inside the room she sleeps in now and inside her closet there's a crawl space between 2 suitcases and all she has to do is take out the 4 little screws and go through the space to find us. Sasha had left to go to work so we had about 8 hours to do what we had to do. My brother and I took all the pictures in the house and hung it up on the right side of her room so it looks like all the eyes are pointing or looking towards the closet. Then Noah took the tool box and placed it inside the closet with the screw driver placed on top of the tool box pointing between the suitcases. Noah had yelled “Sheyla im done” then I said “Okay now all we can do is wait”. Sasha arrived and came into the house she walked up stairs and entered her room. As she walked in she saw all the pictures on the wall and she was trying to figure out what it meant.  She figured it out and walked straight into the closet then later into the crawl space. She saw our bones and the book in my arms, she cried and cried for hours then finally started to read the book.

The book was titled Our lives. Today was such an awful day, is how it started, we were eating pancakes for breakfast and Noah was asking for more pancakes. My stepdad Mathew told my mother Anna not to give my brother anything but she didn't listen and served my brother more pancakes. Mathew was a very controlling and abusive stepdad and needed everything to be his way. He stood up threw the pancakes on the floor and forced our mother to eat it. My brother being so young started to cry then my stepdad tried to hit him and I jumped in front of my brother so he wouldn't get hit. But that's when everything went wrong. After I jumped in front of Noah my stepdad beat both of us until our skin bubbled up and we no longer weeped. He denied us food, sleep, showers, everything you could think of. The entire time by mom stood by watching this happen. She chose her man over us. A few days later my brother died by starvation. He was so weak that when they tried to offer him food he couldn't eat it because he was to weak to chew. Two days later I died also I became so depressed that I didn't have the strength to do anything.

After sasha read everything she had reported it to the police. They took my mom and stepdad to jail. Four years later my stepdad died in jail by a few jail mates jumping him. My mother is still in jail serving life.

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