The sea turtles

May 26, 2017
By Shorty:p SILVER, Oviedo, Florida
Shorty:p SILVER, Oviedo, Florida
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Today I was out on the beach and it was such a beautiful view. The sky was a mix of colors it was pink, blue, and yellow. The water looked even better it was crystal clear and the sun was glistening on the water. It was amazing I quickly took off my sandals and dug my toes into the baby powder like sand. I started to walk into the water it was so refreshing. As I walked further into the water I spotted something headed towards my way it was large, dark, and funny looking. My first thought was it was a shark and I quickly ran out the water but as i'm trying to run out i'm going through the biggest struggle. I wasn't moving quick enough the waves are crashing on my back jerking me forward and the water felt like it was tugging on my feet making it very hard to run. It honestly looked like I was running in slow motion. I finally exited the water and try to exam I what I thought was a shark.

But guess what it was it was a Sea Turtle. I was so excited because Sea Turtles usually go on the beach if their nesting or being hatched other than that they don't really get out of the water. I stood away where the turtle couldn't see me so that I wouldn't scare it off.  The Turtle was so clever it dug 3 holes. One to lay the eggs in, two to cover the eggs, and three was a little further from the eggs and I guess it's to distract people from going near where the eggs are really located. She laid over 90 eggs and they looked pretty they were white as paper and looked like a perfect circle. She laid all these eggs in a hour. Very impressive. I honestly could have watched this all day. It so hard to wrap your mind on the fact that they go back to their natal beaches, beaches where they were born at, and go threw the struggle of laying all of those eggs. I came to this beach everyday waiting for the eggs to hatch. About 90 days later the eggs hatched at night.

These baby Sea Turtles went directly to the water with the help of the moon. It was like the moon was calling all the Turtles directing them where to go. I watched all of them go into the water which was amazing. The sad part is that 1 out of over 90 eggs survive. They die many due to human actions such as parking on the beach, throwing toxic waste into the ocean, letting plastic float in the water, and etc. You can help the Sea Turtles just by recycling and using paper straws and other things.

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