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May 25, 2017
By Anonymous

From the moment we are born we face problems and complications.These problems can be conquered when we work together. Whether we're on a team, in work, or just going along our normal lives I believe that together people make each other better as people as whole and stronger as individuals because people are like twigs, one twig is easy to break but a bundle of them are strong.

I remember when I was younger I used to play soccer. I played it for two years. One year I had a great team that would listen to the coach and one year where we all goofed around and listened to no one. The year we listened to the coach I remember winning almost all of our games and having a blast with my friends. The next year when we didn't listen to anyone and goofed off we lost every single game. I don't remember even having fun because I thought there was no point in being there if we were just going to lose every single game.
Even at my job at King Kamuali’i I have to watch the children and there is a lot of them. I am an Aid so I have the tasks of watching the kids, helping them with their homework and there is over 30 of them to watch and they all want to run around and go places that they're not supposed to go. If I didn't have the other teachers help me I would lose a lot of the students. If the others and I don't communicate then we lose children and can't help the children. Statistics have shown that 87% of workplace error is due to miscommunication or not communicating at all.

If you're on a sports team or have watched a sports you know the cliche there is no I in team. This is true though. You cannot beat an entire other team by yourself even if you're the best player in the world. Just like how in the military you can be the best tactician and shooter in the world but if there is a team of people against you you'll probably die or lose.

Do you like talking to yourself? When you have issues do you say “Oh Geesh I'm happy I can talk to myself”. Probably not right? See even in our day to day lives we need other and I do know though that you can't always be with people and we as humans aren't helpless if we are by ourselves but it makes life easier while we're together. So I believe that together we are better stronger people.

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