Three Men, One Lie

May 24, 2017
By ddmariee BRONZE, Cathedral City, California
ddmariee BRONZE, Cathedral City, California
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Years ago, in the rainforests of Congo, was three village men on a trek to find riches. One night they were trying to find a place to rest for the night. First they stopped to get a drink of water down at the big stream. One of the village man, Chigaru,  saw this bright light across the wide stream, he told the other two men, Neo and Matata, to follow it. There was this log across the stream so the villagers crossed and followed to the shining light. Every step the light became shinier and bigger until they reached this little african cottage. Chigaru knocked on the cottage door. there was no response, he knocked response. They decided to stay for the night in the cottage.  Chigaru told the others, ¨Remember, do not take any food or any supplies, that would be stealing.¨ Neo was alright with that rule but Matata was always a troublemaker and he wasn’t sure if he could handle it but he had to agree with the rule. They decided to camp out in the living area for the night, The men was very happy they could sleep in warmth and comfort. What they did not know was the old lady that lived in that cottage was sleeping in the other room. A few hours later everyone was asleep, except Matata. Matata was hungrier than ever at time. He decided to head out to the kitchen to just take a little snack. On the stove was a kettle pot and what was in it? Plenty of of this delicious African Chicken Stew. He told himself,¨ The owner won't notice if i just take a little stew.¨ But then a little turned into a little more, little more, and just one more spoonful. Then he realized he ate the whole stew. He decided to clean all the dishes he used and fill the pot with water, thinking the owner might forget what was in the pot.

The next morning, the men left right when the sun was rising. After a hour of walking, the old lady that lived in the cottage woke up and decided to have the leftover stew for breakfast. She opened the pot and it was filled with water, she was furious, she angrily exclaimed, ¨WHO WAS IN MY HOUSE!¨ She look out the door and saw footsteps. Somehow this old frail lady was faster than a cheetahn and manage to catch up with the three villagers. She confronted them and asked who ate the stew. Chigaru told the lady respectfully that they were just resting there for the night and wouldn’t take anything from you. She said fine but for me to believe you have to do me a favor. The men agreed to do the favor which was sing an old folk  song and cross the log over the wide stream. Chigaru did the favor and successfully succeeded. Then Neo did it and nothing happened. When it was Matata’s turn, he was very steady and focused. The log was pretty wide and dry, and he did cross it the night before, there should be no trouble doing it again. Then halfway, "plop" he fell into the water. He never rose back to the surface. The other guys looked inside the stream and when the other men looked up, the old woman disappeared.

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