Upon Her Wings

May 24, 2017
By Akiriues SILVER, Wellington, Colorado, Colorado
Akiriues SILVER, Wellington, Colorado, Colorado
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My wings swayed downwards and the updrafts moved. The air pushing against me, gave small hisses, slapping against my wings. My wild and knotted hair blew wildly behind me and I dived. Leaving the warm gushes of wind, and I let gravity take me away. I picked up speed and saw the green terrain. It's lush forest, untouched by humans, gave off a beautiful aroma. Creeks guided down the hills, took away branches and leaves. Crickets chirped loudly, and the rainbow of colored birds squawk loudly in the canopy. I was 15 feet away from the ground and I was getting closer. I tilt my light hazel wings up a bit and I brush against the ground. Small purple flowers rub against my stomach. I land gracefully, folding my wings. I shake my body, letting the adrenaline calm down that pulses through my veins. My heart beats wildly, my lungs ache from the lack of oxygen. My bright emerald green eyes take in my surroundings. A small clearing, tall and wild grasses poke out of the ground in clusters. My jagged scar that was cut ruthlessly, throbbed. I tried raking through my light blue hair as I walked through the towering trees. Moss, dangling in groups, clung to the trees and to the ground. Soft dirt stuck to my bare feet, and I sat down on an old tree trunk and sighed deeply. Closing my eyes, I opened my mouth. A soft lullaby of my native tongue echoed off the trees, carried down by the single great white tide river and taken away by the wind.

The author's comments:

I'm not entirely sure of what inspired me, maybe it was my eighth grade English teacher. Maybe it was just my emotions that carried me to this. All I know is what I had in mind, turned out perfectly in the end. 

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