The Flies

May 24, 2017
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Flies are always the first indication that someone had died, and being a mortician I see swarms of them daily.
He wasn’t out on call the day of September 14th, but he saw the swarm when he was traveling through the streets. The stench greeted him after.

“Oh my god. There can’t just be one body that makes this bad of stench.” He exits his vehicle by the drivers door. He jumps out and heads down an alleyway. He isn’t much of an explorer. However, this is his job. Someone’s gotta do it. He creeps down further.

“It has to be around here-”

His words get cut off by him getting caught off guard. He had never seen so many dead bodies in one place.
“What happened here?” He asks. To no one around. He looks around at all the building and realizes that he is the only one around and he is alone.

“Where is everybody….Oh wait.” He looks down and realizes his mistake. “They’re all right here.”

He waits a second. “I can’t lug all these bodies to my truck. I have to go pull it around.”

He returns down the alleyway and jumps into his truck. He pulls around a couple buildings, his truck is too big to fit any of these side streets. He finally finds one big enough. He backs into the clearing in the middle where he remembered where the people lay. He he goes to the back his truck through and opens the latch up.
“Good god. They’re gone.” He gathers when he exits the trunk. “There’s no way someone could gather them up so fast.”

There’s no-body in sight. He walks around the square looking for any hints on how this could’ve happened.
He stands in wonder for a few minutes, and he’s across from his truck when the horn blares. He jumps three feet and hurries over to where his truck is parked. Rushing to open his door, he sees no one inside. He hurries to the back and flings it open.

Yet again, nothing is there.

“I’m hearing things and seeing things. I just need to get out of here.” He slams the back closed behind him and enters the front. He gets into his seat and buckles up.

“Shoot.” He drops his soda can. The soda lays beneath his feet, so he bends down to pick it up. When he pulls back up he see the words “HElP US” written in blood on the outside of his windshield. He screams. He floors the gas only realizing in a minute that whatever had written it was far gone behind him now.

“Who could move that fast?” He says astounded.

He has a sudden thought and slams on the break. Waiting for something to tumble down from the roof of the car. But alas, nothing falls. He scratches his head. “I'm going to head back to the station.” He arrives to the graveyard, all of his other co workers are standing by a truck.

He parks and rushes out to tell his bizarre findings. When he finishes all of his friends laugh.

“Mark. Hey buddy, you’re just tired. Take the rest of the day off.” One of the three coworkers says.

“Fine.” Mark grumbles and he drives away in his red car. His friends talk amongst themselves again as he drives away.

“Tomorrow’s a new day.” Were his last words of the day. He fell asleep at 6pm. 

His morning coffee maker wakes him up 10:30. And he’s ready to start his day. Stepping out onto his porch he heads to his red car, and the morning newspaper flies at him. He picks it up and takes a step back. “What the…” The headline reads:

A Rampaging Driver Kills 28 People in Small Town Late at Night!

No Survivors!

September 12, 2011 at 12:45am

“Howdy Neighbor.” Someone from his right yells. He looks over. Her entire face is torn up all her hair is matted to her face with blood.

“No, No, No…” he mumbles and shuts his eyes.

“Hey? You alright?” He opens his eyes. And her head is wedged between the fence posts.

“This can’t be happening.” He yells to himself. He sprints to his car and rushes to his work.

He arrives, “Mark! How you doing!” A friend shouts to him.

“What the hell.” He says back as he stamps over to him.

“Woah woah woah what’s going on?” The second of the three day, a tall man with a fat face.

“You know what!” Mark shoves over until he’s face to face with all of them.

“What’re you talking about?” The second one asks.

“The newspaper!”

“You think we did that!”

“It’s the same town I was talking about yesterday!”

“How the heck would we even know how to get there? You didn’t even know how to get there.” The second one says.

Mark gets flustered, “I…I…” Mark looks past the three guys, at his boss Coldowd. Coldowd winks and gives Mark a thumbs up. “...I… I… WAIT!” Mark hurries over to his boss. “What happened last night?”

“Credit is given where credit is due.”

“What does that mean?” Mark scoffs.

“It means good job.”

“For what?

Coldowd laughs a deep belly laugh and replies, “You brought us more business.”

Mark’s face drops and breaths out, “The bodies.”

The boss smacks him on the shoulder. “Go out for your rounds. Pick them up. And bring your buddies with.
Mark turns around a blank face on him, he slides halfway into his truck

His boss calls out one more time to Mark, “Oh, and leave the flies there.” Then he takes a big swig of his mug.
Mark drive out of the parking lot, their company sign was being taken down because in big red letters it read:
“HELP US not go out of business”.

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