The Fair

May 22, 2017
By Lopez11 BRONZE, Winter Park, Florida
Lopez11 BRONZE, Winter Park, Florida
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Joanna loved the county fair, with all the flashy colors, the sounds of music and laughter, and the smell of popcorn that fills the air. After trying a few rides and earning prizes at the ring toss, she noticed a small crowd near the ferris wheel. People were gathered so tightly that she couldn’t see what was happening. Joanna and her elder brother Jared made their way as close as possible and stretched their necks. People were gasping and laughing, whispering and yelping. Mr. Lopez, the school principal, burst out of the crowd, dripping wet. He was laughing too, wringing his soaked baseball cap and putting his glasses back on. "How's the water, Mr. Lopez?" Mayor Santiago asked, holding a lemonade. "Just fine, just fine!" the wet principal answered cheerfully. "You'll find out soon enough!" Mayor Santiago’s smile faded, and he looked worriedly around him, provoking another round of laughter. "I can't be next, I'm in charge of the tank. Now we need a new volunteer! Any volunteers?" As people moved away from the dunk tank to mingle and talk, Joanna wondered who would be next. She secretly hoped it would be her second grade teacher. "Jared, look!" she said, louder than she intended. A raccoon had climbed in and stood on the chair. "We have a volunteer!" The mayor’s loud voice overpowered the crowd's. "Three tickets give you five balls!" Several people lined up to try their luck. "How did it get in there?" Joanna whispered to Jared. Before she could wonder any longer, she heard a big splash. A soaking wet raccoon dashed between her and Jared, holding Mr. Lopez’s leftover corn dog in its mouth.

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