A Bet For Track

May 22, 2017
By , Winter Park, FL

 The leaves this late at night makes the forest look ominous. Hank and I have been running for the past couple hours at this point and we have gotten horribly lost. We started this friendly run, that slowly turned into and competition, on a dare. We got dared by our mutual friend Lucky, to for an entire day. The conversation that lead up to this long run, I still don’t understand.
“Why do you want me to run track with you and Luke?” Lucky started the conversation.
“Because we want someone we know there to talk to and you are the most organized out of the three of us.” I argued.
“Yes but, I really hate walking let alone running.” Lucky stated.
“Oh get over yourself, Luck.” Hank started. “The exercise will be good for you.”
“I already get enough exercise. I am a part of the swim team already. So hah.” Lucky eloquently put.
“Well the running will help you swim better.” Hank countered.
“No. No it will not. Those are completely different. Besides the running will only make me more tired and stressed.” Lucky said.
“What do we have to do to make you join track.” I said to Lucky.
“I don’t-“Lucky started.
  “Yeah we’ll do anything.” Hank supplied.
“Anything?” Lucky asked.
“Short of life long embarrassment or that will cause lasting harm.” I said hastily starting to back out.
“Oh fine just ruin my fun.” Lucky said glaring at the white walls of my living room.
“Well we do want to survive the rest of the school year.” Hank said finally taking a sip of his cola.
“Yeah. Yeah, I know. I’ll think of something tame.” Lucky said tossing his empty can in the general direction of Hank.
“Well think of something fast.” I told him.
“Alright, Luke. How’s about this. You and Hank have to run in the wood for an hour straight and I’ll join you boys on the track.” Lucky said ending the conversation by leaving my house.
There was no particular reason why we were still running in the woods when we could have been walking we just had the adrenaline built up now and did not want to stop. The reason why we were still lost in the woods was we just never explored this far into them before and go horribly, horribly lost. I can imagine the face Lucky will have when we get out of the woods and told him that he has to join track, after telling him we got lost in the woods.

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