The Life of the Living

May 21, 2017
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My name is Aria Tiny. I was born about two minutes ago. My parents are Aria Smart and Aria C. I come from a well-respected red blood cells (RBC) family. We have been labeled as the conquerors of the Aria as majority of the cells are like me and my parents. My parents never really liked the white blood cells (WBCs). They always told me that the WBCs were arrogant and judgmental. None of my friends are white and my parents like it this way. The body we live in is called Aria. My parents say that Aria is a "person". I still don't know what that means but they also told me that there are a billion different arias and there are a billion different cells living within them.


I live in a very cozy home in the pulmonary artery. Everyone here is extremely nice and friendly. Though I have a very nice family and everything, I know that my parents are getting old and I don't think I'm strong enough to lose them. It's been five minutes since I entered this world and all I know is, five more days and my parents will turn a hundred and twenty days. In our world, five days seem like five years. That's the story of almost every red blood cell's life. How is mine different you may ask? Well, that is what I am about to tell you.


Everybody works every second of the day. Nobody rests, nobody sleeps, nobody beats nobody. And that is exactly how we've been trained at school. After two days of school and three days of college, we finally get to do some actual Aria Blood Work. Here we call it the ABW. for me, school was a lot of fun and so was college. I had a lot of friends and my teachers really liked me. Among all my college friends Aria BiBi was always my closest. She was different, just like I was. And I knew we'd connect from the very first day I met her. The interesting part of BiBi was that her dad was a RBC but her mom was a WBC. There weren't many cells with the qualities of both but I thought BiBi was lucky. She had the ability of both the cells which made her very special. I knew BiBi was the one for me, and that is exactly what I told my parents. On their 119-day birthday, we got married. As I finished college and started my job at the ABW, I started realizing that BiBi and I were a lot more similar than we initially thought.


BiBi had the power of fighting against germs and transporting oxygen. As I watched her work in the Aria Germs Fighter O2 (AGFO2), I realized that that is something I can do too. It took immense power to work here and only one in a million cells could do it. But for a cell who isn't a hybrid, it was impossible. I don't know how, but I could do it. I had to go ask my parents if I was adopted because that would be the only logical explanation to this mystery. I did ask them; and found out that I wasn't adopted but that I was actually gifted. I told my parents about this gift of mine. They always worried about me for being different, but this time, they were happy instead. Knowing that I made my parents happy, made me happy and that was all that mattered.


It was my parents’ 120th-day birthday. I should've been happy because not all red blood cells survive all four months. But even thinking about the fact that my parents would no longer be here with me was hard. My parents taught me everything I know and even more. They were my first friends and now, I was losing them. That afternoon, I watched my parents slowly and steadily die before my eyes. Both my parents were so proud of me as I had achieved so much in life already. As I watched my parents disappear in thin blood, I couldn't help but cry my eyes out. I had never in my life experienced such pain and misery. I couldn't think straight nor could I eat. I was depressed and no matter how hard I tried to get over it, I couldn't. I was weak and vulnerable. I slowly experienced my powers fading away but I didn't care anymore. BiBi tried so hard to get me back on my feet but the grief was just too hard to handle.


It took me an entire day to feel alive again. I wasn't fully healed; I knew I'd never be. But I had to move on and life forced me to. So, there I was working at ABW again. I didn't complain about my job but I didn't love it as much as I used to. Every day after I reached home, I used to wait for BiBi and we used to cook dinner together. She used to tell me about her day and I did the same. Every time she mentioned something about her job, it immediately used to grab my attention. A few days later, I told BiBi about my gift. She wasn't that surprised as she always knew I was different than other RBCs. That very day, I went to her boss and asked him if I could work there as I had the ability to work as efficiently as the hybrids. Her boss, Dr. Aria Einstein looked at me and immediately thought that I was bluffing. Nobody would ever take me seriously and I never got the opportunity to show what I could really do.


It was my 15th day birthday and it was BiBi's 16th day birthday. We decided to go somewhere, far from home. Just the two of us. We went all the way to the pulmonary vein where one of my cousins lived—Cousin Aria Bee. Cousin Bee got his name from a mystical creature. My parents used to tell me that when Cousin Bee was born, a "bee" accidentally entered the esophagus and it couldn't get out. Cousin Bee was as fierce and as strong as this "bee" they said. Which is why he was named Aria Bee. I always admired Cousin Bee. He was so hardworking and was so great. BiBi and I spent around 20 minutes at his place. Spending our special day at Cousin Bee's place was one of the wisest things I've ever done. Because, if we had planned on staying anywhere else, I would've never known the truth behind my powers.


When I was born, Cousin Bee was about 40 days old. He was the second cell to blood me up. So, while he was pumping blood, he noticed something unusual. There were white pigments near my bottom. He then realized that when my dad pumped blood, he accidentally used some WBC blood instead. Cousin Bee kept quiet all these days as he did not want my dad to get upset. Out of 15 cells who blooded me, Cousin Bee was the only one to notice the white pigments. Knowing how I got my powers felt really good. Though nobody believed me, I knew I was as strong as the hybrids were and my mission in life was to prove what I was capable of.


After five days of constant work, I was ready to show the world that I, Aria Tiny, could work equally efficiently as the hybrids. I realized that opportunities were meant to be build and that's exactly what I did. I asked BiBi to let me work in place of her for 30 minutes. BiBi always truly believed in me so she was perfectly okay with this idea. I showed Dr. Aria Einstein that I could work as efficiently as the hybrids, and may be even faster. Dr. Einstein was truly impressed with my powers and he suggested me to get a Ph.D. just like he did. I was already 22 days old and I didn't know if doing this was a good idea or not. But eventually, I did get a Ph.D. after another five days of intense hard work. Instead of working for Dr. Einstein, I got to work with Dr. Einstein. After seven days, I opened my own institution called the Aria Tiny Intense Powers (ATIP). ATIP later helped create more cells having powers similar to mine. The one mistake that my dad made helped change the lives of millions.


When I turned 90 days old, I had my first child, Aria Little. Aria Little was the smartest baby cell ever. After 20 days, BiBi gave birth to our second child, Aria Chicken Wings. Aria Chicken Wings was born when we went on a family vacation to the stomach. Right when we saw Chicken Wings enter the stomach, our baby boy was born. Hence we named him Chicken wings.


As Aria Chicken wings turned 7, BiBi got very ill. We knew this was bad but there was nothing we could do about it. After my parents left, I understood how life worked and I knew that losing BiBi would be the worst thing that could ever happen to me. The very next day, BiBi died. I felt like I was dead myself. But sadly, I wasn't. I had one more day to live and there were two options on how to live it. The first was to cry over BiBi's demise and keep crying until I disappeared in thin blood. And the other was to embrace life and leave knowing this was the best life I could've ever lived.


And I did what every cell would've done. I decided to keep crying and hoped to die soon. Right when I was about to fall asleep, I saw a paper which read "it's my first day on Aria and my life is awesome". Yes. That's what I had written after my first day on Aria ended. I was so happy and grateful to be alive and I wanted to feel that way again. I walked to ATIP and smiled as I glanced at what I had created. There were so many cells who were happy to be different and there were those who wanted to be different. And because of me, that was possible. I made the impossible possible and it felt great. My day ended there itself at ATIP and I had no regrets whatsoever. I knew that it was time to say goodbye. And I felt great because I was surrounded by everybody I cared about and everybody who cared about me. Suddenly, I felt as if I was being drained out. I felt tired and weak. I knew it was time to go. I exited this world exactly how I entered it—writing about my life and admiring every single moment spent here. So, that's the story of the life of the living. That's the story of how I became somebody I never thought I'd be. That's the story of my life and me.

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