May 19, 2017
By Anonymous

Kyle and Mike always find a way to do something good. They are either working out or helping the community. Kyle and Mike are twin brothers and they are both 5 star athletes. But they are 5 star athletes at 2 sports which are basketball and football. They live in Tampa, Florida and go to Cambridge Christian School and every college school in the country wants them to attend their college. They are seniors in high school and looking forward to this year’s basketball and football season. But now it’s off season and that means it’s time to get better. I’m Justice Stephens their dad and I refuse to let them slack off and not work hard. We wake up every morning at 5 am to go run 3 miles before school, since school is out right now we don’t have to worry about school therefore we can run 4 miles and not have to worry about time. Now that basketball season is in we must make 1000 shots a day and play AAU games every week. AAU is travel basketball during the summer and they play for E1T1 the best team in the state of Florida. My kids both have different personalities Mike is the hyper and trash talking one and Kyle is the laid back one who gets mad easily.
I take my sons to the basketball court to go to practice with their team. Mike is the point guard and Kyle is the shooting guard, but in my opinion Mike shoots better than Kyle, but Kyle makes better decisions with the ball and is less selfish. But their coach thinks otherwise, I dislike their coach he doesn't know basketball like I do. Therefore, he’s a horrible coach just looking for the money. I wish I was coaching that because I feel like I know more about the game because I played in the NBA. The boys have a tournament coming up this week in Atlanta. It's a showcase tournament which means that there will be a lot of college scouts there. So, my kids need to bring their A game. We were going to Atlanta early to get up some shots in the gym where the tournament is held. We were flying and we realize the university of Kentucky’s coach was sitting right next to my sons. He was going to the same tournament that my sons were in to recruit. Of course, I already knew that because I played for him and we keep in touch. They talked the whole flight and the coach gave them an offer right on the spot! After we got off the flight I was talking the boys and they said they wanted to give up football. I was speechless because I never thought I would hear those words come out one of their mouths. Then I said “If that's what you want to do then do it”. They said thank you for understanding. Once we got to the gym they committed to the University of Kentucky for a full ride basketball scholarship. I wasn't surprised because Coach is very persuasive. I am proud of the boys for making that commitment. I can't wait to see how the boys play in the tournament in front of their future coach.
The very first game they played the dynamic duo Cade Saunders and Cruz Hernandez. They were brothers just like just like Kyle and Mike, but I think Kyle and Mike are better and more skilled. Cade and Cruz were from New Orleans, their team name was the New Orleans Falcons. The kids all know each other well because of basketball camps and they were all highly recruited. Then the game began, Cruz and Cade combined for 20 points in the 1st quarter. The score was 27 to 13, we were losing bad. But once the second quarter started I saw the fire in my son’s eyes. They were ready to play. the first play out of the 2nd quarter was alley-oop to Kyle. Mike was in bounding the ball and Kyle rushed to the hoop. Once the ball left Mike’s hands, Cade was rushing to the rim, trying to prevent the dunk. But that didn't work, when the ball hit Kyle’s hands he c***s the ball back so far then dunked right Cade. The gym went crazy. Everyone was running on the court congratulating him. I could see the embarrassment on Cade's face so I went to him picked him up off the ground and said “It happens to the best of us, now I want to see you play some ball “. That was a big turning point in the game because it gave EITI the momentum. From that point I knew the game was over and so did the Kentucky coach, because he left. EITI ended up winning the game by 10 points. After the game, something big happened, Cruz and Cade committed to Kentucky as well. This was so big they had to end the tournament because ESPN wanted to interview all the kids together. The very next day the kids were all over ESPN! I was so proud of them.
There was breaking news on ESPN, Asa Hammon 7-11 center also committed to the university of Kentucky. There were rumors about the kids being better than the fab five. The fab five was the best team to ever play college basketball, the best part about it was that their whole starting five were freshman. For two weeks, straight Kentucky was main topic on TV. There was so much paparazzi and media at my house it was crazy. I always liked a crowd but it was new to my kids so they were very shy. They better get used to it, because to doesn’t stop here.

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