The Pineapples Story

May 19, 2017

As the pineapple named Rahman woke up in the morning, he started thinking about his day. Rahman had a flight the next day going to Australia and he hadn't even started packing! He was extremely nervous because he was going to meet the parents of his boss and if they didn’t like him then he wouldn’t be able to climb the corporate ladder within his company. It is a family company and Rahman’s boss is going out on a limb and trusting Rahman with a lot. He did not know how packing would go so he started to put everything he would need into a bunch of piles, and since he would be going for two weeks he would need to pack a lot. He knew he would have a washer machine, though so that was a big factor in how many of every article of clothing he would need to bring.
“Oh dear this is going to be a very long vacation, I hope I don’t appear to be nervous when I talk to the boss’s parents,” thought Rahman, to himself.
At about 12pm Rahman had all of his clothes in neat piles. He had his favorite suit, socks, and shoes. He was ready to go.
“Okay now all I need to do is put all of my clothes into my suitcase,” exhaled Rohman as he laid down on his bed.
Little did he know though, getting his suitcase would be quite a problem.
As he went to go and get his suitcase, he could not stop thinking about the boss. He felt like his clothing choice was perfect. He felt like everything was perfect, for that matter. Except for one thing, but he couldn’t place his finger on what it was. His plane ticket and wallet and all of that was completely set for the next day so he wouldn’t need to worry about that. And then he found out what felt strange. He couldn’t find his suitcase! This was very important because it was a one of a kind Balmain duffle bag that was custom made and given to him from his Father.
“I could have sworn I left the bag right here in my closet,” Rahman whispered to himself.
He kept shaking his head as he ran downstairs. This bag was very important to him and he needed to find it for this trip especially. For this trip he needed to be very classy. The way he would dress, talk, and walk all had an impact on how the parents would think of him.
“This bag needs to pop up sooner or later, but sooner rather than later,” Rahman said as he chuckled to his own joke.
By now it was 1pm and he still had not found the bag. Rahman was beginning to be overtaken by nervousness, and his mind was all over and wasn’t focusing. Now you see, Rahman had never lost anything in his life. He was the most organized person on this planet and everyone knew it. Rahman never lost his phone or keys or anything, for that matter. So you can see why it was a very strange thing when Rahman lost his Duffle. Since he knew it wasn’t in his house, he called his cousin to see if she had it.
“Hey Tyquanda do you know where my Balmain Duffle bag is?” Rahman questioned when she picked up.
“Boy you know I don’t ever touch your stuff so why call me?” Exclaimed Tyquanda.
“I just figured you would know where it is or possibly even have it.”
“Well I do know who has it, but they live about 6 hours from you, do you really need the bag that badly?”
“Please tell me who has it,” Rahman begged.
“Okay fine, Uncle Tyrese has it. You have his address, right?”
“Yes I have the address. Thank you so much T!”
“Oh and don’t call my phone anymore,” Tyquanda said, clearly angered.
On that note, Rahman hung up and headed to his uncle’s house. Little did Tyquanda know, Rahman had a helicopter and he planned on flying it over to his uncle’s house.
Rahman got to his uncle’s place in just under an hour, but his uncle was not home. That did not matter, though, because Rahman had a key. As Rahman walked up the steps he could not stop thinking about his bag. He unlocked the door and was met by his uncle pointing a pistol at him.
“You better get off of my property before I pull it!” Uncle Tyrese yelled.
“Woah woah woah I am Rahman, your nephew, remember?” Rahman screamed as he hit the floor.
“Oh yeah, I remember you,  bud. I never thought you would get the helicopter though, that is for sure,” laughed Uncle Tyrese.
“Surprise big fella. I got it, and can I have my bag? That is why I am over here.”
“Yeah sure it is just in here. I took it because I had a meeting so I needed something fancier than my bag.”
“I got you, but I need it right now. My flight leaves in about 6 hours.”
“Yeah no problem, take it and go. I’ll see you around Nephew.”
They hugged and departed, with the bag in the custody of Rahman. As he boarded his helicopter, he was thinking of how excited he was to go to Australia, he had always wanted to go there. He planned to go with his group, Jake the hitman and Nico the Kangaroo.
He got home and it was about 6pm by then. He had everything packed, he had eaten, and everyone who was going was at Rahmans house. Jake the Hitman rarely talked, and Nico the Kangaroo never talked, after all, he was a Kangaroo. They both were all packed up, and do not ask how a Kangaroo gets packed. They were going on his boss’s private jet, so the kangaroo was allowed to go on the plane.
Everyone slept over at Rahman’s house and there was hardly any talking for about 12 hours straight, they boarded the plane really easily and got on smoothly and all that. Everything was going absolutely perfectly. They watched tv on the plane and slept, a lot. Once they reached Australia, Nico’s family was waiting for him and they all hopped off as soon as Nico got off the plane. Rahman did not even get to say goodbye, but it was okay, as long as Nico was happy. So as Jake and Rahman walked through the airport, heads turned. They were a really good looking couple of dudes. They went to baggage claim and got their luggage as soon as they go there, Jake and Rahman decided not to put their bags on their plane, simply because it just was the way they did things. They were unique.
They drove in a Rolls Royce to their hotel. Their boss, Yohan, met them at their hotel. The hotel was one of the nicest in all of Australia, 5 star rated and always booked. The hotel was like that for obvious reasons, it was right on the beach and had the best customer service in the world. They all planned to go to the dinner with Yohan’s parents that night, but before that, Jake had a couple people he had to kill, he was a hitman after all. They both unpacked that night in their respective hotel rooms and then put on their nicest clothes and went to dinner with Yohan. When they got to the restaurant, there were about 20 men with guns holding the place up. Jake knew that this was going to happen so he was very, very ready for it. Without a word, Jake put the silencer on his handgun and everyone was on the floor within a matter of seconds. It was quite amazing. After that, everyone was celebrating Jake and the dinner went very, very smoothly. Yohan gave Rahman the promotion and when he got back to the United States his family and basically everyone heard of the restaurant hold up so everyone was extremely happy that everyone was safe. Jake and Yohan became best friends and lived close to each other. Rahman had a happily ever after.

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