A Shoe's Nightmare

May 18, 2017
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“NOOOOO!”, I scream. My worst nightmare has come true! I have been bought. I could have just stayed here on this shelf with all my friends, but no someone just has to buy me and ruin my life. So now I’m sitting here in this closet waiting for the torture to start. I see the door opening and feel her germ filled hands touch my beautiful exterior. Don’t do it, do not put that stinky, sweaty, sock-covered foot into me, I think. I try to tell her but she can’t hear me and slips me on anyways. She races to the car so she won’t be late, not even thinking about how my delicate bottoms are being so brutally pounded on the concrete floor. After being dropped off, I feel my brown, checkered bottoms hit the ground  while she runs off to her class. I can’t believe that she is just sitting in class and not even thinking about cleaning me since I now have rocks wedged inside me. They are leaving marks in my beautiful brown soles!

As I wait in this dreaded classroom, I listen to the teacher and try to answer her questions. At first it was fun, but I soon got bored from knowing all the answers before anyone else. “You see, I’m not just a pretty face, I am extremely intelligent as well. It’s so frustrating to know everything and not be able to share my knowledge. And everyone knows, ‘knowledge that is not shared remains unknown.’” I complain to another shoe.
I hear the lunch bell, after what seemed like an eternity. Unfortunately, lunch was not what I expected it to be. My owner was one of the messiest eaters and now I have red spaghetti sauce on my baby blue canvas exterior. As if it could get any worse, I overheard my owner say, “I like the sand pit.”  The same sand pit that thousands of people go in and is overflowing with small, bacteria filled, nose- picking children.
“Does she really have to treat me so poorly? I’m a new shoe and she should treat me with respect!” I complain to another shoe after lunch.
“I don’t know what you’re complaining about, it’s really not that bad.” She replies. If only she could walk a day in my shoes, I think.
After a grueling six hours, nine minutes, and forty-three seconds, it’s finally time to go home. I thought that the day was over and nothing else would happen, but I was sadly mistaken. My owner had to walk home and on the way it started raining. She stomped around in the muddy puddles until I was sopping wet. With every step, brown water oozed out of me. When we finally got home, to my horror, I was thrown into the closet with no washing or anything. I protect her feet and she gives me no respect. Unbelievable!
While I’m sitting in this crowded and messy closet, I catch a glimpse of a disgusting looking shoe. It’s exterior is an ugly shade of brown and their shoe laces are frayed and have turned a different color. How could anyone look so bad? But as I look closer,  I realize that their original color is the exact same as mine. I’m looking at a reflection of me! I can’t believe this, I look like a shoe. And then it dawns on me, I will forever look like a hideous, repulsive, shoe and will never be beautiful again. I push myself to the back of the closet and hide my face, just waiting to be forgotten.

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