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May 18, 2017
By damalik01 BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
damalik01 BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
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Sam, sitting at work being about as productive a student trying to ignore a short story he has to write for school. All he could think about or had on his mind was one thing, a dog. Sam wanted to get a dog badly, but he new his brother whom he lives with wouldn't approve. Sam's brother Tony hated dog. He had ever since they were little because he would always seem to get bitten when ever there was a dog on the loose. Although they had grown up now and Sam was thinking, “I bet he won’t care now we’re more mature, he's got to know that not all dogs are bad they’re just trained bad”. So later that afternoon he called his brother and told him that he had a surprise for him when he got home. While surprises are almost always nice this worried Tony because his brother was never someone to go out and hold a secret back from him.
After work Sam was so excited, he couldn’t wait he ran outside and hopped into his car. When Sam arrived to the dog shelter he wet inside and talked to an employee and told them exactly what he was looking for. They helped him pick out all his supplies; he got some food, toys, and a nice big fluffy bed. Then coming to the best part he got to go choose his puppy. There were so many to choose from he just wanted to bring them all home. He looked through many cages at all the barking, jumping, and playing puppies. They were all so cute, but then he came to one that was just staring at him and it reached through the bars and pawed at him; he knew then that this was the dog he wanted to take home and make his best friend. He asked if he could take the dog out and play with him for a minute to make sure this was the one he wanted to take home. They went into the playroom he the puppy was full of energy running around and jumping with Sam. It was decided so the vet took him and gave him his shots so it was official soon he'd be coming home to Tony with his new puppy named Stewart.
After a long car ride of barking and excitement on the way home they finally arrived and Tony was waiting anxiously inside. Sam and Stewart came through the door and Tony was just in shock; the thought of a dog never crossed his mind and he was in shock. After he finally came to from the shock he yelled at Sam and went on a rant saying that he did this without thought. He mainly went over how that if he wanted to keep the dog it would have to be trained intensively. Sam agreed and said he would, but Tony insisted that he do it as he knew how he wanted the dog to be trained. Sam reluctantly agreed and let Stewart meet Tony. They were both jumpy as Stewart sniffed at Tony. The next day the puppy's regimented training would begin.
At first when the training started Stewart wasn’t very keen on listening to Tony and all he wanted to do was jump around and play. Tony soon put a stop to this and the training began. After a week or two Tony had Stewart sitting and staying a solid 70 percent of the time, but he still had trouble listening when enticing things like the doorbell or other dogs were around. About a month later he had trained Stewart all of the basics he needed to follow perfectly then he started training him tricks and their bond grew stronger and stronger. While this was happening Sam had to stand by and watch as his dog grew more and more distant from him as Stewart was always with Tony and they had a connection that Sam could never get with him. Although that was soon to change as something unexpected was to happen soon.
After they had Stewart for two months Tony had to move because he got a job offer he couldn’t refuse. As badly has Tony wanted to take Stewart with him he could do that to his brother who would be left lonelier than ever. At first Stewart was really sad and would just mope around the house although, but soon he began to follow Sam around and they would go on walks and became more acquainted each day. After a month or so Stewart went everywhere with Sam, he’d follow him around the house and would even go to work with him each day. On Stewarts first birthday they celebrated with a big ham and You would have never guess that They weren’t best friends. In the end Sam had his long wanted best friend and him and Stewart made the best pair.

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