May 18, 2017

"What have you done?" Mr. Jackson yells, eyes on me as he stood over the lifeless body on playground. ¨
“ I don’t know! I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking.”
Mr. Jackson  paces around the room trying to think of some way to hide all this, wondering if he should just call the police or help out this boy. He goes with the latter thinking of the how he’s going to get the blood stains out of his carpet and how he’ll get rid of the body.
“We have to get rid of the evidence.”
They quickly hide the body in a black bag and sneak out of the office going into the woods. When they get to the lake they lay the body in the boat and push it off the dock and watch it slowly flow to the middle of the lake. He didn't mean to do it, they boy was just making fun of him it was driving him crazy, so he kept hitting and hitting until he was no longer moving.
While walking back to the school Jackson  thinks. He knows that they won't be able to keep this a secret for long and eventually they will get caught. What will happen with the school? He would for sure get in trouble for helping the body hide the body. What would they do with the young boy? Would they put him in a hospital to get help, would he go to jail? So many things ran through his mind and he just didn't know what to do. Someone would for sure see the body and call the police.

Later on that night when Jackson turns on the TV he sees it moving across the bottom of the screen in big red bold letters. ¨BODY FOUND FLOATING IN LAKE¨. The guilt starts to eat at him, his chest clenches he need to do something before he goes absolutely insane. It gets worse when he sees the little boys family, his mother hiding her face in her husband's chest sobbing loudly. Hes got to tell someone he can do this hes got to turn himself in, he can live like this.  He runs to get dressed and drive down to the station going up to one of the officers.
¨ I know who killed that boy.¨ Jackson say running into the office
The officer grabs him by his elbow and drags him into a room, only with a desk right in the middle and starts to question him.
¨How do you know him?¨ the officer ask staring directly into Jackson eyes.
¨ He attends my school.¨ Jackson says his hands fidgeting under his desk.
He continues to answer these questions only leaving one thing out, why he help hide the body. Honestly he didn't know why, he knew he was going to get into more trouble for not telling anyone about this before, but he didn't care. As long as that little boy got some help before he ends up hurting or killing anyone else.
When the final question is answered the officer gets up and pulls out his handcuffs arresting Jackson. While walking him to the holding cell he assures Jackson that the little boy will get help so he won't hurt anyone hopefully forever.


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