The Hare

May 18, 2017

The hare twists and turns, acting as if its head could not work. Forming sentences that were more like fragments and ideas that seemed second hand. To an outside eye, the hare seemed to have gone crazy, but few would disagree. The twist and turns create a movement that almost seems like a sentence of its own. Its mind may not be working but the body picks up the slack. Other hares pass by, following the trail of flattened grass, to find the pink hare, thrashing and twisting to the thoughts that take over her body.
To this hare, “despise” is a strong word, but the travelers pass it back and forth, like a good rumour. It comes and goes, sometimes once a month, other times once year. But it’s always an event . The pink hare thrashing, its ears flopping back and forth, dirt flying from the once covered ground, the flowers inching away, not wanting to get trampled by the fragments getting thrown in random patterns.
During the times of new grass and secure flowers, the pink hare can be seen making small talk through the forest with the many neighbors. No one knows the pink hare’s name, not wanting to get close enough, as they wait for the inevitable. She drinks her juice and eats her food, making sure to jump over those pretty purple wildflowers as she goes on walks.
Sometimes the pink hare does not feel the need to drink her juice or eat her food, feeling very content with the way she feels, as if she won't be hungry or thirsty again. Weeks would go by with no food or juice, and the pink hare still felt fine. Some would argue slowly or all at once, but eventually the grass started to get trampled again and those beautiful purple wildflowers would fear for their well being.
A week, sometimes two, happens before the pink hare starts to eat and drink and even go on walks again. It forgets every now and again, feeling fine on a Tuesday but crying on a Wednesday. Slowly the rhythm gets back on 4/4 time. In the pinks hare mind, she promises that she will never stop eating or drinking or going on walks again, but by next month, she feels full and her body feels fine, so what's the point of swallowing this support, to make her body feel good, when her body already feels great?

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