The ordinary toothbrush

May 17, 2017
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It was just an ordinary toothbrush, or so I thought. Whenever you picked it up it made a weird clicking noise like you just opened a shampoo bottle. There was a button on the side of the green brand new toothbrush. One day I thought what it might do, so I pressed the button. When I pressed it turned into a sword. The sword wasn't green sadly, but a note fell out. I opened it and it said “use this sword wisely and only in great danger.” After I read it I felt like I was Percy Jackson. I had read all the books and was ready for anything. I began thinking to the future and was anxious. Next thing I know my eyes open and I am on my bed. I ran to the bathroom to see if everything was real. I picked up my green toothbrush and there was no button, no note, no sword. It was all a dream.

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