I Have a Twin

May 17, 2017

I have a twin. We both have the same giraffe like height, sapphire blue eyes, and thick red hair. We’re both as pale as a ghost. We’ve learned to get used to being mixed up. After so many years we know to just get over it because it’s not their fault. Here’s the thing, though. Aylin is good at math, a subject I’m horrible at. I’m good at language arts, a subject she is horrible at. Do you see what I’m getting at? We both have the same birthday. May 26, 2002. I’m older by three minutes.
Two years ago we entered middle school. We realized that the subjects we were horrible at were going to interfere with our grades. Then the next day when I was in my Pre-Algebra class, I was getting my notebook out for class I realized I had Aylin’s book bag. Yup. Our bags were identical, too. Ever since we were small, my mother has been buying us the same clothes, shoes, and among other things.
I remember one day Aylin had my book bag mixed up with hers. Right at that moment, she burst into the door with my book bag in her hand. Thank goodness that the teacher was still not here. She walked toward my desk casually, while I got her book bag ready. “Here,” she told me, shoving it in my arms.
“What class do you have first?” I asked her.
“UGH, boring old language arts,” she said.
“That is not fair. I wish I had language arts. I have the brain popper-math,” I said.
“Dang, looks like we’re out of luck,” Aylin exclaimed.
That’s when we came up with the idea. We would switch spots when we had our worst subjects and nobody would ever notice. We were so glad that this year we didn’t have to go to the same school our mother taught at. Our mom, Margaret, was a fifth grade teacher. So all through elementary school we got to go to the same school as our mommy. Anyway we’ve been trading spots ever since and for two years no one caught us. We were so happy.
It is still in my head how we got caught. We were in a rush because we were about to be late and our mom had dropped us off. Finally, within all the commotion, we managed to switch spots and before I could leave our mother came bursting through the door. She saw both of us in the classroom and saw that Aylin was in my seat for math class. “What are you two doing,” she asked, while raising her eyebrows. That’s when our plan was destroyed and my mom decided to send us both to different schools. So, yeah that’s about it.
“Okay guys, ten minutes of writing is up,” the teacher said.
I left the classroom with the great anticipation to go see my sister Aylin. I wanted to know how her math test had gone. Ever since my mom found out why we were switching spots she has been tutoring us with our worst subjects and we have definitely put more effort into it. I caught a glimpse of Aylin’s new outfit and shouted out, “Aylin, over here.” Oh yeah, also we have talked to our mom about how embarrassing it is to still wear the same clothes and we wore our individual clothing.
“Bailey, I’m pretty sure I did good on it. Everything was easy except like two questions. I really hope I did well,” Aylin told me.
“I’m sure of it. You have been studying so hard. I just know you’ll get a good grade,” I told her.

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