Late Penny

May 22, 2017
By , Sioux City, IA

I am going to be so late AGAIN. Why do I do this to myself? This will be the fourth one this week which means I will probably have Saturday school. Oh no, my mom is going to kill me. If she grounds me, then I won’t be able to go to Britney’s party next week and that’s only going to be the biggest party of the year. UGH!
All these thoughts raced through Penny’s mind as she sped down the interstate. She had her music blaring so loud, it seemed as if her speakers were going to explode. She was trying to text back her stupid boyfriend about their fight the previous night and also her best friend who couldn’t decide on what outfit to wear. On top of all this, Penny was sipping from her Starbucks Frappuccino and nibbling off a granola bar. In all 17 years of her life, Penny had never been the person to be on time. She was late to basically everything and always appeared to be a mess.
However, this time Penny knew she had to make it to school on time or else her social life would be over if her mom grounded her from the party coming up. She was about 10 blocks away from school with about 6 minutes left before there was no chance of making it on time. Despite always being late, Penny had never been the kind of girl to be an unsafe driver by running stop signs or red lights, but this was a desperate situation. She was driving down Parker St., which is a very quiet street with usually no traffic whatsoever. She figured it would be perfectly okay to run a stop sign when no one was there to see it. As she neared the stop sign, she quickly glanced both ways, saw no one was coming, and went back to texting as she drove through the intersection.
Suddenly she saw, out of the corner of her eye, a light. She jerked her head to see a car coming right at her side. She desperately tried to slam on the brakes, but it was far too late. The last thing she remembered was a person in an orange sweater, sitting in a car that was seconds away from crashing into her, and the sound of the radio playing “Shut up and Drive” in the background.

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