Little One

May 17, 2017
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Walking is bliss. Flying is freeing. I prefer bliss today. This is why my feet grace the ground. Moss from bright lime to murky green is soft underfoot. All around animals graze, stalk, and sleep. They are aware of my presence but know I mean no harm. 
"Gabriel. Do you enjoy your walk today?" One like me now appears from the sky and touches their feet to the ground. 
"I do, Michael. Do I need take message?" I respond to my brother. The power of him fills the animals around us, but does not frighten them away. A halo of light outlines Michael. My dear brother. My light is lessor, but I feel no jealousy. It is how things are to be and I accept without question. 
"Yes, to he we saw before," Michael's feet leave the ground and he is gone. My task fills me and I too, leave the ground. The sight of precious green turns to one of dull and gloomy grey. Already the loss of those below resonates through me. They do not see me; they are not meant to.
Drifting down, I find my mission. There in the mist of destruction is a sweet child. Face smeared with dirt and streaked with tears. This child I have watched grow. Through the tears of the Earth and great loss she has not fled faith. Even now, as I fly to her, her head bowed in prayer, I see her strength.
My light, not as bright as my brother's, is reveal to the child. I am a candle, not a sun. I do not blind her, but I take her hand, wipe her eyes, and lead her home.
"You are loved little one," My message and task are complete.

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