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The interview

By , louisville, CO

Sterling woke up feeling very nervous, he had his first job interview that day. He got out of bed slowly, he stumbled to the bathroom and turned on the shower. He showered for 15 minutes making sure he was as clean as possible. Next he did his hair making sure every hair was in line and it looked exactly the way he wanted it. After that he strolled down stairs and made himself some pancakes for breakfast as well as some bacon. Once sterling was done with breakfast he walked upstairs and got dressed in a nice long sleeve shirt and some pants. He checked his hair one last time and then walked outside to head to the interview. The drive felt like an eternity and he felt like he was going to throw up the entire drive. As he got closer to the job the butterflies got more intense and his nervousness got worse. He arrived at the interview and walked into the building,shaking. The lobby was very modern, there was a fountain in the corner and a little room and a granite desk with a secretary behind the desk.
“Hi how can i help you” asked the secretary
“I’m here for the job interview” sterling replied
“Ok just fill out these forms and i’l’l call you when they are ready” stated the secretary
Sterling sat down in a black chair and started filling out the forms. It was basic questions such as address and full name, social security number. It took him about twenty minutes to fill out all the forms after that he went to the desk and handed the forms to the secretary.
“Alright thanks! I’ll call your name when they are ready for you, for now you can go take a seat”
He strolled back to the waiting room and sat down, his leg was shaking uncontrollably and his breath was even shakier. 5 minutes had gone by but it felt like hours. The fountain in the corner was still bubbling and it wasn’t relaxing at all anymore it was just annoying him. How could it be so peaceful when he was so stressed! Another 5 minutes went by and they called his name
“Sterling we are ready for you”
He stood up and walked towards the secretary
“Follow me” ordered the secretary
He followed her into a small room with a man in anice suit sitting behind a dark wooden desk with a laptop sitting in the middle of it and a cup of pencils in the corner as well as some photos, of his family sterling assumed.
“How are you doing? My name is john i will be interviewing you today take a seat”
“Thank you” replied sterling
“So what is your name?”Inquired john
“ Sterling” he replied
After the pleasantries the man jumped right into the questions. He asked about his past job experiences his skills and difficulties. The man asked why he wanted the job and about how sterling would react in certain situations. The whole interview lasted about 15 min and included about a dozen or so questions. During the interview is leg was shaking uncontrollably and he was gripping his pants so tightly that his knuckles turned white.
He walked out of the interview shaking and as he got into his car he let out a sigh of relief. 3 days had passed when the phone rang.
“Hi is this sterling” asked the lady
“Yes its sterling” he replied
“ well im here to tell you that you got the job”
“Oh really?”
“Yes you start in two days”
“Oh my gosh thank you so much ill see you in two days”
He hung up the phone and just stood there smiling.

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