The Bank

May 16, 2017
By Anonymous

Saturday morning 10:00 am at the U.S Bank, quiet and slow like any other Saturday. It was sunny and a slight breeze going on, dark stormy clouds in the distance towards the west coming in. All the employees are talking taking it easy and yet getting work done, but one in particular rarely ever talked always minds his business David Taylor but today without being spoken to he said “I feel uneasy, something about today is uneasy and different. I don't like it.” The other employees look at him a few giggle saying he’s crazy but then realize he's serious and the room immediately quiets down and all the attention is appointed to him. One asks him “Where did you get this from?” in fear now, not looking in David’s direction they all knew his background. An ex-marine soldier, struck in combat and needed to be sent home. David does not reply and carries on working, all the other employees just blankly stare at each then go right back to work. Its silent clients come in, the employees help its really slow and lethargic. One customer walks in not one of their usuals. He stands for a little looking around the premises, then casually walks towards a the desk of David, he stands there for a minute then finally knocks to catch his attention from his work. David then pauses glances at the man then says “Hi there sir, how may I help you?” The man laughs and not another word was spoken David then asks “What’s your name sir? I’ve never seen you around.” The man says “ I’m Kevin Kane and I am here to take some money…..” David stares into his eyes then Kevin says “not withdrawal but take your money now give me everything you got.” pointing a loaded gun in the direction of David. They make eye contact David does not co-operate with him and an argument breaks off followed by a gunshot as a warning shot everyone drops to the ground and a lady behind the desk pushes a little red button to inform the police there is a situation. Kevin Drags David to the lobby pointing the gun towards his head, screaming if someone does not give him the money David along with many others there will be killed. You hear sobbing and fear in people's voices Kevin begins to get angered and hits David in the back of the head only dazing him. David falls to a knee and is forced to stand up again David is getting upset as Kane points a gun in the direction of a women to stop her from crying, David is trying to plot what he could do as they all hear the police arriving. It's quiet for a moment and over the police car intercom you hear a strong voice say “We have you surrounded there's no way you're making out of this and getting away alive or going to jail. Now come out with your hands held high, we’ll give you 3 minutes.” That was to just get him to think after 3 minutes they were coming that meant he had 3 minutes to make an escape and get the money somehow someway. Not even 2 minutes in the police break down the door, and couple shots from Kevin are fired as he says “I’m not going to jail!” as he was bringing his gun down David was timing it out. He grabbed Kevin’s arm and managed for him to drop the gun Kevin is able to get one punch in just knocking David back a little and then David uses the training from the Marines to get him down as he struggles Kevin pulls a knife there stand there David holding Kevin’s arm to stop him, then you heard aloud gunshot, BANG! It was the quiet and a sense of aw was aroused and there lied a man in a blood of pool. 

The author's comments:

I just thought of trying something a little different with a cliff hanger just wasnt quite sure how to do it.

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