May 16, 2017

Jeremy and Steve are cucumbers that live in CumberVille and they were the best of friends. They lived in a small town name CumberVille. They grew up in houses right next to each other. Their widows looked into one another's, Jeremy and Steve would write message to each other through the windows.  Jeremy and Steve had two very different lives. It didn’t affect them when they were young but as they grew up they slowly drifted apart. Jeremy always knew what he wanted to do with his life. He always wanted to be a police officer but Steve never knew. Steve always had a hard life, his parents never cared for him, or cared what he did.
Once Steve and Jeremy got old enough to go to Highschool they were totally separated. They would not say one word to each other, they wouldn’t even look at each other. They were both forgotten in each other's mind.  The reason they hated each other was because Jeremy and Steve got in a fight the last day of middle school. They were at an amusement park called Candy Land on a field trip. Jeremy and Steve were in the arcade area when Steve decided he wanted to steal a small banana toy. Jeremy saw everything and of course felt wrong about it. He went and told his teacher Mrs. Buschman. Mrs. Buschman then yelled at Steve and called his parents. Jeremy suddenly became the hero of the day while his best friend was looked upon as an evil, deceiving child.
Steve didn’t care that his parents knew. He knew they wouldn’t be mad at him because he knew they didn’t care about him. After the field Steve decided to walk home. Jeremy usually gave him rides but after that day Steve just wanted to be by himself. All this time alone wasn’t good for Steve. He kept getting angrier and angrier. He didn’t have a way to let out his feeling or have anyone to talk to. The only way he felt like he could release his problems was causing trouble.
Steve got older and moved out of his house. He is now 20 years old living in the ghetto of CumberVIlle.He couldn’t pay the bills anymore so he decided that he was going to rob the Klucky-Mart down the street. He knew the chicken was the worker at the store and he knew that he was going to have to kill him if he wanted to get away with the crime. He set up a whole plan. He knew exactly how he was going to run into the store and get the money. There was going to be no survivors from that store.
It was the next day and Steve was going to go through with his plans. He waited until it was late at night. He wore an all black outfit with a mask. It was 2 a.m. and he decided it was time. He barged into the Klucky-Mart held up the gun and said give me all your money. Little did Steve know the Chicken behind the counter pushed a button to call the cops. The chicken then proceeded to take all of the money out of the drawer and give it to Steve. Steve felt guilt. He knew he didn’t want to kill the chicken. While Steve was standing there decided what to do the police pull up. Steve runs out the back, but there was a police officer standing at the back waiting for him. Steve got tackled and put into handcuffs. He wa then flipped around to see that his ex-best friend Jeremy was arresting him. Steves anger towards the world grew bigger and bigger.
Steve was put into the holding-freezer until his court date appeared. It was cold and lonely. A month later it was Steve's court date. He didn’t take the time to think over his bad mistake while he was in the freezer. He believed that what he did was his survival and feels no shame because he did not kill anybody. He was wrong. He continued to have an attitude during his court date. Which made the judge very mad. The judge felt no shame after meeting Steve. She sentenced him to being “picklefield”. Being picklefield means death. They drown you in salt water until you turn into a pickle. Steve knew this was his last day, but he wasn’t upset about it. After hearing his sentence he realized that he deserves his punishment because he acted in a way that was not like him. Looking into Jeremy’s eyes at court made him at peace and made him remember his childhood. He didn’t want to be the person he became but he realized he was the one deciding to make these actions and that he has to own up to it.

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