Morning woes

May 16, 2017
By GhostFace BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
GhostFace BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
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As the clouds changed from a midnight black to a optimistic orange. A young lady wakes up on this elegant dawn. She down her morning routine for Wednesday. She left to go to her appointment she noticed the cars frozen into place then looks at the bikers motionless. She thinks to herself that time has stopped.

She runs back into her house and tries to find out what is going on. She frantically looks online but to no avail. She is rushing around and freaking out like a chicken without a head. A few moments later. There is a faint knock at the door then there was a forceful knock at the door. She is frightened when this happens being fearful of what is at the door she runs back into her bedroom. She notices someone sleeping in her bed she takes a gander at who it is. She sees the face and starts to scream. Then the doorbell rings.

See slowly walks over to the door. She looks through the peephole and sees a young man. The man was wearing blue shorts and a tank top. She opens the door slowly to great this mysterious man as soon as she peaks her head out he starts to say something.

“Hello darling are you Nea Dahlia?”

“Yes... yes I am what do you need.” Nea asks.

“I am Död but I also go by many other names as well. I am here to pick you up and bring you to my boss. You see he is a king and he really wants to see you.” Död swiftly explains to her.

“You can’t be Död because I was in good health and no... no... I don’t want to go. I am not ready for this yet please leave me.” Nea says in a frantic and sorrowful tone.

“You can not stay here you have to come with me. Staying here will cause you to be quiet a massive ordeal because I get in trouble and then people who will want to live here also will notice something wrong.” Död explains in a soft monotone voice.

“What can I do to live!” Nea yells at Död.

“Here listen we can play a game called chinese checkers. It is simple you have to get your 10 marbles to the opposite side before me if you do you win and I will let you stay here. But if I win you have to come meet my boss you king.” Död explains.

“Ok I will accept that.” Nea mumbles.

“Here I am going to need you to sign this small contract that binds our deal.” As Död pulls out a small paper and a pen.

Nea signs the paper without reading the contract. So they begin Nea goes first. Then Död and so forth. Around 20 minutes go by quiet and still the game is quickly going to Neas’ side then quickly turn over into Död favor. Last move for Död and he wins but before he made his last move he asked if he could get a tour of Neas’ Abode she accepts it.

As they walk into the bedroom Död says one small beautiful thing under his breath. “It’s terrible because every time I need to take a soul to him I think of my old life before I became this.”

InresponseNea said “I give up let me go to your boss so I can help this process”.

And so they left.

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