The Prince and the Farmer

May 16, 2017
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Jasper threw the lamp at the wall in frustration to the world.
“Your Highness you need to calm down before this gets out of hand,”The Adviser said to him seriously.
“How can I be calm at a time like this, this is the tenth time it's happened to me. I can't find anyone that can love me for me not my money,”Prince Jasper yelled at his adviser, while walking to the doors to walk to the balcony, walking to the edge of it and leaned on the railing. Looking at everyone he sees, not caring if anyone sees him.
“It will take time your Highness, you just need to be patient,” The Adviser said to him. While the Adviser was talking Jasper saw run down tents with groceries, like eggs, milk, bread, etc. There's also churns, candle stick, candle holder, and etc. They are very busy today, there are mothers pulling on their children, market people trying to get people's attention, even kids playing football.
“I’ve been patie-” Jasper was cut off when he saw, the most beautiful girl he's ever seen in town before.
“Your Highness what's the matter?” the Adviser asked.
“Who is that girl with the dark brown hair in a high ponytail, with the brightest smile ever seen,and basket of eggs?” Prince Jasper asked while staring, it looked like her eyes has a sparkle in them that makes me want to stare at her all day long..
“I don’t know your Highness never seen her before,”the Adviser said.
“Let's go down and meet her, we need to hurry,” Prince Jasper said as he ran out of the room.
“Your Highness, wait you don't even know her,” The Adviser said but it was too late, he was gone. So he chased after him.

For some reason I feel like something good is going to happen today, Ava thought as she walked around the market to get to her booth.
“AVA WAIT!” some stranger yelled. Ava turned around and saw her friend Haas running after her.
“Hey what are you doing, don't you work right now?” Ava asked confused.
“Ya, but I’m on break so I thought I would come and see you,” Haas said with a smile.
“Yes come on I need to hurry,” Ava giggled. They were walking and notice how people are busy today. People were tugging at each other or mothers yelling at their children for not helping. It’s hetic for some reason.
“Hey I need to go back to work, see ya,” Haas said with a smile and left.
“Bye,” Ava said, then she turned her head to look at the castle and thought, why did my life turn out this was, being poor all the time, hardly anyone talks to me why is that? Why do I have to be a farmer and always doing the work, why can't dad and mom tell brother to do it?
“AHHHHH!” the Crowd screamed, taking Ava out of her thought. Whats going on? she thought as she goes up to a random stranger.
“Whats going on?” Ava asked some random person.
“The Prince is here,” the stranger squealed, jumping up and down.
“Okay?” Ava said and went back to her booth and sat down doing nothing. All she could do was stare at him. He got down from his horse and was scanning the crowd, when his eyes landed on me, he started to walk towards me. When he got in front of my table and just stared.
“What do you want your highness?” Ava said with a little attitude, which made the crowd gasp.
“Well my flower I’m here to see you of course,” Jasper said with a smile, not minding the attitude she had given.
“Why did you want to see me, I'm nothing special,” Ava said with confidence. 
“Well my flower, you have confidence that caught my gaze,” Jasper said with the most dazzling smile that she had ever seen, while leaning over the table at her.
“How can you know my confidence if you just met me Jasper?”Ava said with a smirk, while leaning over the table as well.
“ Well you had caught me my flower. Your beauty had caught me in a dase, even your personality as well. My I know your name flower.”Jasper said with a smirk and leaned over closer to her.
“Hmm, I don't know you sound like a stalker to me,”Ava teased and leaned even closer to him.
“Well my flower, I will introduce myself. My name is Jasper Colgrove, a pleasure to meet you my flower,” Jasper said with a smirk and leaned in more.
“Well My J. My name is Ava Mariso,” Ava said leaning closer, and there faces are centimeter apart.
Without knowing a very rich girl came up and punched Ava in the face. Which made her fall back and hit her head.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING NEAR MY MAN YOU PEASANT,” the mystery girl yelled in anger.
“I don't belong to you Giselle, we are over how many times do I need to tell you that, Also how did you find me?” Jasper yelled in anger and confusion.
“Well my beloved your parents invited me over for lunch and you were not there. So I looked out the window and saw you talking to the peasant. I came down here to save you,” Gisella said kindly to him.
“DON’T YOU DARE CALL HER A PEASANT, SHE IS A PERSON JUST LIKE US, EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL THaN ANYONE. GET OUT DON'T EVER COME NEAR ME AGAIN!” Jasper yelled and pushed Gisella to the guards. When she is gone he turned around walked to Ava and squatted down beside her.
“Ava are you okay?” Jasper asked in worry
“ I don't know everything is dizzy,” Ava said said while holding her head.
“I need to take you to the doctor,” Jasper said while picking her up bridal style. People were watching as Jasper was putting Ava on the horse and got on.
“I will see you all soon have a nice day,” Jasper said with a smile, Jasper held Ava close and rode his horse back to the kingdom.

Six months have passed since the accident in the market. Jasper and Ava go out to the forest to meet each other. They lay underneath the stars, and be silly and not care about anyone else but them.
“You are a very rebellious person Jasper,” Ava said through a laugh.
  “I couldn’t help it, four hours of throne room is boring,” Jasper said laughing as well. When they both cool down, they go into a comfortable silence staring at the stars. Jasper looked at his watch.
“Ava, we need to go, it's going to be sunset soon. You need to sleep,” Jasper whispered into her ear. Ava turned her head to look at his not knowing his face was near hers.
“Okay, I will see you tomorrow maybe,” Ava said with a yawn. Jasper got up and held out his hand to her and she got up. They both gave each other a huge, then they went their separate ways. When Jasper left her sight, she began to walk away and think about her feelings. I wonder if he likes me like I do him. NO he can’t I'm a farmer how has nothing worth. But he may have a feeling for me though and that would be amazing if he did.
Ava just walked without a care in the world. She would look up and see a full moon with all the stars in the sky, out of nowhere a shooting star had flown across the sky. Ava squeezed her eyes shut.
“ I wish I could have a sign that Prince Jasper is the one I’m going to be with forever,” Ava said quietly to herself.

Ava was walking in town with a smile on her face. She had a skip to her step, on how a wonderful day yesterday was with Jasper.Ava walked up to the newspaper tent.
“Hello Justin, how is your day,” Ava said with a smile, while grabbing a newspaper.
“Doing good as always Ava. Your total is .30 c,” Justin said we a smile and grabbed the change.
“Thank you have a nice day,” Ava said with a smile and opened the newspaper and saw horror. Ava saw Jasper with the most  beautiful girl Ava has ever seen hugging each other with big smiles on their faces. So Ava read every single word, her anger and sadness was about to burst through her whole body. When Ava was done she let out a sob, dropped the newspaper, and ran home to her room and cried nonstop.

Yesterday, the Prince was caught with a mysterious woman, They were on the prince's private boat. They are laughing, singing, and having fun with his family. Is this girl a fling or is she his princess?

Jasper was walking to the spot that he and Ava went to every night.  Wonder what she's up to today? Jasper thought, He looked at the trees swaying back and forth, he hears the owl hoot into the night or the sound of crickets singing in the night. He thought nothing could go wrong. When Jasper got to the spot, Ava wasn't there which was very odd to him she's always there before him. Jasper sat down on the rock they found and waited, he waited for two hours and she never came.  Where is she? He wondered. Out of nowhere an article had blown up to him. He picked it up, he look confused at the picture that's on it. Jasper looked down and read the article and laughed.
“ They really think we're dating, ew I would never date my cousin,” Jasper said out loud but realised that Ava grabs the newspaper everyday. Jasper dropped the paper and ran to his castle. When Jasper got there he got into his room and grabbed his royal uniform which he hates so much its red jacketed with gold risk blates, has white buttons that go halfway down,  a black belt that goes around his waist, and black pants with a red stripe going down the outside pant leg.  When he was done, he ran through the castle, when he turned the last corner to get to the stable, he ran into his mom.
  “ My dear boy what are you doing, especially in your uniform?” Queen Irland asked with confusion.
“Something I should have done a long time ago. I will be back soon mother with the girl I’m going to marry in the future,” Jasper said with a smile, he leaned over and gave his mother a kiss on the cheek and ran to the stables to saddle up his horse. Jasper made sure everything was light and good, he got on and his horse started to run, he was trying to hurry because the sun is setting. Jasper rode through every section: Section one, Rich, Section two,Dancing, section three,Music, section four, Farming, and section five, Poor. When Jasper got to section four, he got off his horse and walked to the door. Jasper raised his knuckle and knocked three times on the door.

Ava had not slept at all last night, she didn't want to face Jasper.  Am I just not that pretty, or did he just want show off his new girlfriend? Ava didn’t know which one to chose. Ava sighed and looked at the ceiling.
“ BRAT COME START BREAKFAST!” Ava's mother yelled furiously.
“ COMING AMELIA!”Ava yelled back. Ava got dressed and ran into the kitchen to start pancakes, when she heard a knock at the door.
“ I will get it you brat,” Amelia snapped. When she got to the door and opened it she almost fainted with shock.
“ Your highness how can I help you this morning?” Amelia said nervously,which woke the rest of the family up. They all ran downstairs and stood behind the mother. Ava was too shocked to do anything, she only stared.
“ Well I’m here to see Ava Mariso,” Jasper said with the biggest smile, while staring into her eyes.
“ Oh.. um come in then and have a seat,” Ava's father said with confusion. Jasper came in and sat down a on the chair.
“ Before you talk to my daughter I would like to talk to her first,” Amelia said while grabbing her arm and dragging her to the kitchen.
“ What do you want,” Ava snapped while rubbing her arm.
“ Why does the prince want to talk to you for,” Amelia whispered yelled while glaring at Ava.
“ I don't know, I'm going to find out why right now,” Ava said while walking into the living room. When she got there her brothers and father are showing him their cool knifes.
“ Jasper, I’m wondering why do you  want to see me for?” Ava asked with confusion.
“ Well my beautiful flower, I’m taking you to the kingdom with me,” Jasper said with a smirk, that Ava loves.
“Why do you want to do that for?” Ava said almost about to cry. Jasper noticed and walked right over to her and pulled her into his arms. “  That picture you saw was my cousin and I, I would never want to hurt you because I love you Ava Mariso you have changed me and I don't want to live without you. So Ava will you do me the honor and be my girlfriend?” Jasper asked with a big smile on his face as he pulled her out of his arms and stared into her eyes.
“ Yes,” Ava whispered and stared into his eyes. That's when Jasper grabbed cheeks into his hands and kissed her.

“Have I told you that you're beautiful today?”Jasper said to Ava.
“ Yes, a million times now,” Ava giggles at her husband and kissed him.
“ How did I get so lucky to have you and my two wonderful children?” Jasper said with the biggest smile he ever had.
“ It’s supposed to be the other way around,” Ava said with giggles.
“ These six years have been the best years of my life,” Jasper  said and grabbed her into a hug.
“ I love you,” Ava said smiling.
“ I love you too,” Jasper whispered to her.



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