Last Breath

May 15, 2017
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I rushed down the sidewalk, hair blowing in the wind, feeling the mist hit my bare arms and face, feet beginning to freeze. To add on to the mist, I feel the tears going down my face. I don't even care that I'm just in a tank top and sweats, I just got to get away from here. Away from that apartment. Away from him. I couldn't stand to see Chuck again. No, not after what I just saw.

It was 12 a.m. You could feel the moisture in the air even though it hadn't started raining. I was walking home from buying some chips at a local gas station. There were no cars out driving or people walking. It was so quiet and peaceful. It felt like I was the only person left in the world. With the free hand I had, I put up my hood of my jacket to cover my head. I zipped it up and shoved my free hand in my pocket, shivering as the temps true began to drop because it began to mist.

I stop for a second and pulled out my phone. I entered my password and went straight to messages. I was about to text my boyfriend that I was on my way back to the apartment but I pressed someone else's name. Chuck, my husband. I reread his message that he sent me.

"Hey baby, I have an unexpected trip to New York , I'll be gone all weekend. I love you, bye babe."

I have all weekend with Jordan, my boyfriend, I can't wait.

"I'm on my way baby, I love you," I text Jordan. I put my phone in my sweat pants pocket and began walking again. I swung the bag back and forth till I got to my apartment. I unlocked the main door and went upstairs. I unlocked my door and walked  in.

"Hey baby I'm home!" I shouted taking off my jacket and shoes. I went into the kitchen and got out a big bowl. I opened up the chips, Funyuns (my favorite), and poured it into the bowl. I walked into the living room and began to eat the chips. "Jordan?! Are you here?!" I put the chips down onto the coffee table and began to walk to the bathroom. I knocked I on the door slightly. "Jordan?" I slightly whispered. No response. So I headed to my room. The door was shut. I was hesitantly opening the door, I was scared that
this was going to be a horror movie and someone is going to jump up at me. I breathed in and opened the door. I found Jordan on the ground, half naked with multiple stab wounds and my husband, holding a knife, covered in blood.

"Surprise," Chuck said with a devious smile. I screamed out of terror and began to ran. I ran out the door and started banging on everyone's door. I didn't stop I kept going till I was outside. I pulled out my phone but dropped it. I kept going. Running. Tears forming.

I hear a car and see lights beaming from behind me. I turned around to see the car was not that far behind me. I began to wave and shout, but the car didn't slow down. It  turned towards me, and got onto the side walk. I began to ran but the car sped up. Next thing you know it I'm on the ground. I looked up to see the person in the car get out. I was having difficulty breathing. My lungs feel like I was breathing in water. I tried moving but every time I tried, it felt like I was getting ran over all over again. My vision started to blur but I could see the person who was now right above me.

"Chuck," I said quietly as I could see the smile on his face, compliment in his eyes. I then closed my eyes and took the last breath I  would ever take.

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