Sally the Salmon

May 15, 2017

“Mommy, I want to be in a sushi when I grow up!” said Sally as she wrapped herself into some uncooked rice and seaweed.
Her mom replied “Honey, you know that you have to be caught in a net to be in a sushi, and I thought you wanted to be the school leader?”
“No I never wanted to be a school leader, you just think that because we watched ‘Shark Wars’.” Sally replied. Her dad came into their little apartment.
“What’s all the commotion?” he asked. He then grabbed the GMO free, organic seaweed from Whole Fish Market, and started eating it. My dad is big salmon. He is 100 pounds. His name is Samuel and he married my mom, Sarah. “Do you want to be in a sushi? You know when I was about your age, I wanted to be in a vegan asparagus burger with salmon.”
Sally then left the the kitchen and went into her room. Sally lived in the same house for her entire life, a small 5 room apartment. She lied there on her bed using her shellphone. She started to watched Netfish and she was just chillin’ in her bed. Her dad came into her messy room with her clothe all over the place.
“Honey, dinner is ready.”
Her dad said from the other side of the room. Sally could hear the game of the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp playing the Corpus Christi Hooks. She lept out of bed and accidentally banged her head like a cherokee drum.
“Owchies! That hurt my fin.” she said to herself.
“Are you alright?” her dad asked.
“Yes dad, i’m fine.” she said in a snarky attitude. When she got downstairs she saw what mom had prepared, deep fried  plankton with a side of eels. They ate a nice quite dinner. And talked about what they wanted to be when they were kids,
A few days later, they were swimming when they saw a fishing net. The fishing net was  old and rusty,  like a statue in the rain forest made out of copper. It was the biggest thing she had seen in her entire life. “Look mommy a fishing net. Lets swim into the net! I’ll  finally be in a sushi!” Sally and her parents wam over to the net. Sally then got too scared at the last second. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK. I’m too young to die.” she yelled as she swam away, leaving her parents to die in the net.
She was swimming home, when she saw a duck. “Oh hey fellow traveler,! The names sally. You lost too?” I asked the lost little duckling.
Then she said something, but sally wasn’t really paying attention. She would
Later, when she was swimming home, she saw another fishing net. It was big and brown. She thought about whether or not if she would go into the rusty old net. “You know what. I only have a few chances to be in a fishing net. I’ll do it now.” she thought in her head. She went into the big brown net. The next thing she knew, she was out of the water and died because of lack of oxygen. “I hope I’ll be in a sushi.” Then she died. But not before her life flashed right in her eyes.
A couple weeks later, sally is found in a McDonald's Filet-a-salmon sandwich. “This is good, Billy.” said Jeff. Billy replied “Yes I know. Billy the Butterfly is never wrong. Now, I got tickets for your favorite band’s concert: Hindu Squirrel.”

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