Annual Routine

May 14, 2017
By , eaton, CO

“I'll meet you in the morning at the usual spot in the lunch room, I'll call everyone else to tell them to meet there too” speaking softly on the phone, Nick ended the call with Cameron so his parents nor his butler Ralph would hear him still being up this late.
“Man I really hope the guys won't get mad at me for hanging out with Sophia tomorrow” Cameron said to himself, as he layed back in his bed with his hands behind his head taking in a deep breathe of his mother's vanilla candle aroma. Deep down I really new that something was gonna go wrong tomorrow with all the guys not showing up. I knew that Cameron would show up because he is my best friend and we have been friends the longest so he was the last person I would've expected to not show up.
“NICK!!!, JACK!!! It's time to get up boys” Jan called in a very soft yet demanding voice for her two sons to get up on the early Monday morning for school. I jumped in the shower and threw on my khakis with my new sperry’s and a hot pink polo t-shirt. I lathered some gel in my hair and jumped in the yukon for the ride to school. The boys were at school, as soon as Jarod and I sat down everyone else started pouring in.
“Hey where is Cameron he should be here by now?” I asked everyone but they all just kind of looked around and shrugged.
“Look, there he is sitting with stephanie” Jarod said to all 10 of us.
“What the heck is he doing with Stephanie, I told him to be here with us. Where we always meet. Every single morning” How could he do this to us… To me…  His own best friend. He left all of us for a girl.. I couldn't believe him. None of us could. As we all just kind of sat and stared at one another, I glanced over to Cameron and they looked to be having a grand time. The thought drove me insane but what could I do, if he didn't want to hang out with us then I guess we wouldn't hang out with him.

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