May 14, 2017

Jonah Hartford was not your stereotypical nerd who roamed the hallways of Devlin High School in the Southern part of New York. A tall, and lean young man who stood about six feet tall, with an abnormally deep voice. He dressed very casual for his intelligence, and still managed to swoon all of the ladies. His IQ level was higher than the hair that stands on my grandmother’s back when she sees a mouse run across her floor. Jonah Hartford was the name that plenty of people knew, but not because of sports, instead it was because of his way with computer programs and his inventions. He invented a voice activated remote at his 8th grade science fair, and now four years later, he has become a mastermind. Jonah had so much power within the palms of his hands that it was almost impossible for one to entirely wrap their heads around the idea. 
Jonah was born into a very wealthy family and was one of three children, he was the oldest, but unfortunately was the one that was least liked. His father Archie was a stockbroker and his mother Ilene was an Anesthesiologist. His parents had hopes of Jonah being the jock of a son that they both had always wanted, but instead he enjoyed libraries, politics, science, and anything to do with computers. Meanwhile Elsa, and Eastin were the favorite of his siblings because of their involvement in other activities that did not require the tension of the brain.
School was Jonah’s only escape from the joke of a life he had at home, well not just school, but his advanced Physics class, and his programming class. The programming class that Jonah was taking allowed for him to branch out, and try to find new things within the outer space of the technological world. One Wednesday morning Jonah arrived at school and it was a very peculiar day. He had felt as if he had no energy, and that school was a waste of his time, even though he woke up eager to go to school for the last twelve years of his life. Physics, math, and science were all a drag for him, and he continued to watch the slow clicking hand on the clock move at a snail's pace. The ringing of the bells bellowed through his ear drums creating a drum beat within his temples the entire day. ‘What is up with me’ he thought to himself.
“Jonah, what’s up my dude” Mr. Eckleberg asked him. Eckleberg was a short bald man, with stretch mark filled arms that were once covered in solid muscle. He was the head of the computer programming department, but looked as if he needed to be a gym teacher. Jonah looked at him, but failed to form a response that rolled off of his tongue. Instead he sat down at his everyday computer and opened the same file he had been working on for months. The file consisted of some Physics, Science, and random codes that were yet to be translated into a real meaning. He was on a roll to find something magnificent, and spectacular that could change the world for the better.
“Jonah, get off your computer, and come do normal teenager activities, like eating dinner” His mother elegantly shouted up the mahogany staircase. Day after day Jonah had played around with his list of codes, and transcripts of a program that he had been building. He would play around with one particular sequence of numbers, and all of the letters that made up the program hoping for some miracle to happen. That very night, Jonah pressed the last number he could possibly try into his code, but nothing happened. The “9” stood there, blinking, and taunting him with the regret of failure and wasted time. With anger and frustration, his head fell into his hands and he let out a sigh.
Day by day, week by week, he refused to touch any computer. Instead of making any attempts he began to wonder what went wrong, and where it went wrong. Endless nights of eating dinner at a packed table, with a family that did not seem to care about his day, he would sit in his thoughts. Eventually, over a meal of fancy corned beef, and goat cheese mashed potatoes that had a bitter scent to them, something sparked his brain on the left side. He began to scope out his laptop from the dinner table when his mother noticed his eyes darting in four million different directions at once.
“Excuse me Jonah, is there something that enthralls your attention greater than family dinner?” She accused him snarkily.
“You know what ‘Mom’” he said moving his two-first fingers in a scrunching motion to resemble air quotes. “There is something that has my attention, and no it is not how great Elsa is doing in soccer, or how Eastin won a hockey championship. Instead it is something that is far more important to me, but you would not know because you clearly never ask. So therefor I am leaving this table.” Jonah said as he slammed his perfectly serrated steak knife onto the porcelain dinnerware. He began to head to his room thinking ‘One more try. One more try’. He sat down and opened his laptop super fast, and opened his program he had been creating. Behind his sequence of mixed numbers, and letters there was a hidden message, and until he could break it there was question sitting on his shoulders.
The “9” once again sat in front of him and taunted him with a simple game of hide and go seek. As Jonah pressed the backspace button he remembered how Mr. Eckleberg had mentioned that all great program, and sequence creators had used the pound symbol to enter the data. He retyped the number 9, and hit the # symbol. The screen went dark, and began to re-run the entire sequence down the screen, when all of a sudden a prescription ran across the screen with multiple side effects. Jonah continued to read the script to better interpret what was right in front of him, and then his jaw began to slowly become heavier. Jonah had just uncovered the cure for cancer, and at this moment he realized that the world was in the palm of his hands.
Jonah panicked and close his laptop’s lid quickly as to forget of the program he just unlocked. Since he was one to not share his personal information he thought that he would be alright and that no one would find out. However the CIA was monitoring his laptop as they do everyone else’s in the nation, and this sparked a serious concern within the agency.
Now looking back three years later, Jonah sits in the park of an Albuquerque suburb with the hopes that he is never found by the CIA. He has been homeless, and living off of the streets for the last three years, and his family currently thinks that he is dead. The CIA has a warrant out for his arrest, but that is not a place that Jonah wants to be, so instead he did what he had to do. Unfortunately the Government had been holding the cure for cancer for years so they could keep collecting money from patients who needed Chemotherapy, and radiation treatment. Jonah had hacked their system and unlocked their deepest, and darkest secret.

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