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May 11, 2017
By ELukowski04 BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
ELukowski04 BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
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By Emily’s locker:
Audrey said: “We’re not friends anymore.”
Emily said: “Why?”
Audrey said : “Because.”
Emily said : “Why?”
Audrey said : “Because I said so.”
Emily said : “Why”What did I ever do to you (As she slams her locker)
Audrey said :”Why are you standing here. How did I even what to be friends with you. I am so glad we're not friends anymore.”
Emily said :” First of all, I am by MY locker I did nothing wrong why are you being so mean and rude.”
Audrey: Maybe you should go cry and tell on me that’s the only thing you will ever be good at
Emily: NO! That’s not the only thing I will be good at. I am a good friend unlike you who stabs people in the back. You will never be a good friend to anyone if you keep on acting the way you are acting!
Audrey: I am good at a lot of things  using people like I did to you is one of them!
Emily: Whatever I have to go by my REAL friends.
Audrey: Make sure they are not using you to like I did. HAHAHAHA
Emily: My REAL friends aren’t like you
Audrey: What type of real friends do you have!

Emily walks away and goes to her class.

5 months later
Hey! Remember me, it’s Emily? You probably don't. You made fun of me/bullied me and called me something I wasn’t, I don’t need you as a friend. You walked out of my life and made a new group of friends. I know I should be mad at you but, I'm happy for you that you made new friends.  You helped me realize who my true friends are, and that you were never one of them.  You and I had more bad times than good. I am definitely going to miss all the fun things we did together, like go to the pool and the mall.  But the bad times I'm going to try my best to forget about. The memories I am going to try to forget is when you put gum in my hair and and laughed at me when you did it. When you tripped me on the playground and made me hit my face on the pavement which made my teeth look weird after it happened.  You gave me the nickname Buck Teeth Emily. When we were at the pool and you pushed me into the deep end when you know I couldn't swim. You asked me to forgive you and I did. Now I regret forgiving you because you once again stabbed me in  the back. I learned never to trust a person like you ever again. You were a backstabbing,liar and a horrible friend who was only using me.  Thank you for what you made me realize. You made me realize that I do not want to act the way you are acting. I also made me realize who my fake friends are and which friends were using me.
I saw you in the hallway today, it was the first time we talked since we stopped being friends I said hi to you and you were still rude to me.
Emily said “Hi”  Audrey said”:Why are you talking to me, we’re not friends with me anymore, you have no right to talk to me”.  When she said that it felt like her telling me we're not friends anymore was happening all over again.  Emily said : All I said was Hi. What did I ever do to you? And you're blocking my locker!
Audrey said: Why are you still standing in front of me and talking to me we’re not friends anymore Emily said: Because you infront of my locker!  Why is Audrey still acting like this, all I want is my best friend back but she changed into a bully and I don’t want to be friends with a bully.  She’s hurt me so many times but how can you have all these memories with this one person who was your bestfriend and not talk to them. I am not asking for us to be best friends like we were before but, I still want to talk to her. It’s not like she will care about my feelings.  She used to be so nice to everyone but now she’s way to bossy. I want to believe that their is still a little part in her that wants to change who she has become.
I don’t miss the person that always turned a fun time into a bad. I miss the person that was happy and wanted to be around me.
I know you were going through a lot at the time and I was always there when you needed me. Why were you so disrespectful towards my family and I?You didn’t accept the help we thought you deserved,understandable. You were nice to everyone but me and sometimes I still ask myself- Why me? What did I do to deserve all of this pain you caused me? You seem really happy now. I want to be mad at you for all the pain you caused me, but I'm happy for you.You and I  just started talking again and you seemed like you changed a lot but I am still hurt. I miss the little girl who was my best friend,who I spent my entire days playing with dolls in my room.We were inseparable;I miss the old you.

The author's comments:

My piece is about two girls named Audrey and Emily who were best friends until Audrey turney into a bully.

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