May 11, 2017

Today, the worst thing that could have possibly happened, did.  Jack was staying at my house for the week while his parents were away on vacation.  His father, my son-in-law, was instructed by my daughter to leave me everything I needed to take care of him.  He had mentioned weeks ago that there was a severe virus going around Jack’s school, which we would have to look out for.  I didn’t think much of this, as in this day and age (2050), rumors of these viruses are always circulating.  Most of the time they’re just a hoax in attempt to encourage students to practice proper hygiene.  In the few rare cases that there have actually been viruses, only a handful of students have contracted them.
At exactly five o’clock, my doorbell rang.  Always right on time.  I opened the door to find Jack’s smiling face looking up at me.  “How’s my favorite grandson doing?” I asked with a huge grin.  Jack was my only grandson, but the truth is, he’d be my favorite anyway.  He ran through the doorway and hugged me so hard I almost fell over.  I hugged him back, and then looked up to say goodbye to his father.  His eyes were wide open and he appeared to be sweating.  He spoke at an abnormally fast pace and appeared to be in a rush.  Although I was extremely suspicious, I told him to have a nice trip.  He was definitely nervous about something.
Only minutes after he arrived, I noticed Jack didn’t look so well.  His skin looked pale, and almost green.  He had dark circles under his eyes, and his lips were tinted purple.  I took his temperature and asked him how he felt.  He claimed that he felt fine.  I let him continue on, but made sure to monitor him more closely.
Not too long after, I heard a subtle cough coming from the living room.  The coughs got louder and more frequent, until they turned into choking and gagging.  Jack’s body was convulsing, and red liquid began spewing out of his mouth.  He was throwing up blood, and lots of it.  He started to hyperventilate, and then his breathing slowed, and everything stopped.
He stared at the ground, eye peeled.  He looked traumatized.  Blood stained all of his clothes and the couch he was sitting on.  My living room looked like a crime scene.  Jack moved his eyes toward me as he trembled, trying to make sense of what had just happened.  “This is the second time this has happened today, grandpa.  What’s going to happen to me?”
That son of a b****.  He knew his son was sick.  What kind of father sends their son to someone else’s house with a deadly disease, instead of sending him to a hospital?  A selfish one to say the least.
I immediately scoop him up in my arms and bring him out to the SUV, leaving the living room in shambles.  When we arrive at the emergency room, the entire room is filled with children who look identical to Jack: pale and weak with bloodstained clothing.  After a while, the doctors inform all of the patients with these symptoms that there has been a major outbreak of the new virus called haematerrhea, and it was not a hoax.  This virus was fatal, and it’s most prominent symptom was vomiting blood.  Scientists had found a cure, but there was a limited supply of the product due to the overwhelming demand.  I could not possibly afford the medication, even if I had sold my entire home, which I was more than willing to do for Jack’s life.
I contemplated my course of action for hours on end while Jack was held in quarantine.  I knew in my heart that it was wrong to steal the medicine.  That was obvious.  There were tons and tons of sick patients waiting for this treatment.  Some were nearing death.  The fact that I was even considering stealing some was terrible enough.  I knew I would never be able to forgive myself for doing such a thing, but I would be able to live with my actions as long as it meant that Jack would survive this illness.
Before taking any drastic measures, I decide to check up on Jack just in case of the slight chance that he healed on his own.  The only issue with this plan was that jack was isolated in quarantine.  The hospital was being extremely strict about keeping these rooms completely confined, so this was going to be tough.
I decided to take a trip to the men’s room to contemplate my options.  On the way I passed by a door that stated Employees Only in bold lettering.  I opened the door, doubtfully hoping to find the cure for the virus.  The medication was not there, but the next best thing was.
I peered around the corner and saw that no one was in the area.  I quickly snuck inside the room and closed the door as quietly as possible.  Although I was originally going to check up on Jack beforehand, an opportunity like this rarely presents itself more than once.
  A doctor’s coat was hanging from the door handle.  I slipped it on, and immediately felt a pang of guilt.  I knew this was wrong, but I had no other choice.  I opened the door, and tried to act as natural as I possibly could under the given circumstances.
The next step of the plan was to find out where the medicine was located.  I tried to stay within the general vicinity of the doctors, without getting too close.  I didn’t want to draw any attention to myself, or risk being asked a question I didn’t know the answer to.
After lots of waiting around, I heard one doctor say to another, “Someone has purchased the treatment.  Go get it right away and start distributing it.”  Finally.
I followed the doctor who was sent to retrieve the medicine.  I kept a reasonably long distance so I wouldn’t get caught.  After going down a series of hallways and corridors, he finally stopped at a door with a heavy duty lock on the door. S***.  There was no possible way I could have gotten inside.  I was crushed.  I was never going to be able to save Jack now.
In complete and utter despair, I turned around to head back to the waiting room.  I was absolutely devastated until I heard a jingling noise from inside my jacket pocket.  A ring of about thirty different keys was inside.  I just knew the key to the room was on it.
When the doctor left the room, I attempted every key on the lock until I found the right one.  The lock fell to the floor, and I skirted inside.  On one side of the room, there was a collection of tubes containing the same blue colored liquid.  On the other side, there were hundreds of syringes.  I selected one of each, and was on my way, sure to lock the door on the way out.
Since I was wearing the doctor’s coat, I was easily able to make my way into Jack’s room.  He looked terrible, and in that moment I knew I made the right decision.  I filled the syringe with the liquid and injected Jake’s upper arm.  My boy was safe.

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