Stormy Dream

May 11, 2017
By AriLynn BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
AriLynn BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
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    Tears dripped down porcelain skin hitting the floor—the dark room filled with the silent sobs. A crash of thunder echoed throughout the room. The boy on the floor trembled in fear and hid his head in his knees; he was in the corner of the room with his ears covered. He trembled with fear, like a terrified animal. The door opened with a creak, letting candle light spill into the room.
     “Kiyoshi, Is everything alright?” The mysterious male stepped into the room. He set the candle upon the table; and slowly went over to the boy. A sudden crash of thunder echoed throughout the room once more and the boy jumped into the male’s arms. The male embraced him tightly in his arms.
    “Make it go away…,” his voice trembled as he spoke. His voice was full of fear. “Ryuu make it go away…” The storm had brought back traumatic events from Kiyoshi’s past. Every time it rained his body would tremble in fear and huddle into a tight ball, waiting for Ryuu to come and rescue him like in the past. Being with Ryuu soothed him.
    “It’s ok Kiyoshi, I’m here now. You’re not alone anymore.” The trembling subsided as Ryuu spoke. His fear finally died down, yet he continued to cling to Ryuu as slowly slipped into a deep slumber. When morning came, Kiyoshi slowly arose from his slumber like the sun over the horizon. After rubbing his eyes, he glanced around curious as to how he got into the bed. He remembers the heart shattering fear he felt, and then the light scent of the woods along with a familiar embrace.

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