Snow Globe

May 9, 2017
By Anonymous

I'm going to tell you the story about what happened to me last summer break. Most kids would spend their summer break outside at the pool or hanging with their friends, that's not quite how my summer turned out. it all started when my parents thought it would be a good idea to send me to my grandmother's for the summer. When you think Grandma  you probably think about them having candy in their purse and always making you cookies, but that's not how my grandma is.
My grandmother is a very odd character, she has many trinkets and small gadgets all around her house. Many of which i don't know what they are or what they do. Some of them on the other hand are quite amusing to look at and play with. Now don't get me wrong I love my grandma, but for summer, i'd rather be with my friends swimming and playing video games. Not sitting here listening to stories and looking at old antiques.
Enough background, let's get into the real story. Like I said before it all started when my parents decided to send me to my grandmothers for summer. Everything started out fine i arrived in one piece, luckily, and when i got there my grandma had a nice big apple pie waiting for me. My grandma always makes the best pies so I was thrilled when I saw it steaming on the kitchen table. Luckily for me my grandma had wifi so i could still stay in touch with my friends. Even though it did me no good seeing them all hanging out swimming and having a good time without me.
About a week into me staying at my grandmas it got very boring. I had played with all of her little trinkets and heard all of her outrageous and entertaining stories. Until one day on a shelf behind a bunch of little toys I found a odley detailed snowglobe. On the bottom of the snowglobe there was a tiny hole. I decided to grab a paperclip and stick it in the hole. When I did all of a sudden I saw bright lights, next thing I know I wake up and there is snow all around me. I just thought i was dreaming but the longer I laid there the more real it felt. The snow got colder and colder. That's when I realized I wasn't dreaming. It was all real.
So after realizing I really was laying in snow I decided to finally get up and find out where I was. So I got up and started walking. After walking for what felt not that long at all I walked into a little village full of houses. There was many people walking around with jackets and coats on, but no one really looked like they belonged there. Everyone just looked out of place. Then from behind me I felt a hand grab my shoulder. When I turned around in fear I saw a girl about my age with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She asked how I had gotten there. I told her I was at my grandmas for the summer and found the snowglobe and stuck the paperclip in it. I asked her where I was now. She told me to look up. When I did I had a feeling i've never felt before. A feeling like the whole world was looking down on me. In a sense it was. When I looked up I saw my grandmother's house. The inside of it, but everything was huge.
The small trinkets that were once the size of just my hand now look like buildings hundreds of stories high. The sofa looks like the titanic and the flies looked like giants. I turn back towards the girl and ask her where i am. Not being able to put it together myself she tells me i'm inside the snowglobe. At first i don't believe her. I think, no way, no way i'm inside the snowglobe, but then I take a step back and look at the sky again and when I do it all makes sense. The huge trinkets the sofa, and the giants flies. That's when I believe it. I'm in the snowglobe. I just couldn't wrap my brain around it. How is it possible for a human to fit in a snowglobe. Then I remember. The paperclip, the tiny hole that must have been how it happened. I look back at the girl and ask her how I can get out. She says “I don't know, no one here has ever been able to escape”.
When I turn around I take another look at the village. The odd characters, no one looking like they belong. Everyone in here is trapped. I look back at the blonde girl and ask her if she knew anyone I could talk to that knows what's going on that's when she told me to follow her to a mysterious house at the end of the village. When we arrived she knocked on the door, I was expecting an old lady to walk out with a witch hat and cane, but no, a young man around the age of 25 walked out and greeted us. He was very friendly and caring. When he invited us in I just sat down on the sofa and completely zoned out looking around at the knick knacks and decorations he had all over the walls. When they both just stared at me for a second I zoned back in not knowing what the conversation was about. That's when the man asked again. “How exactly did you get in here. The snow globe that is” That's when I told him what I told the girl earlier. I found the snow globe on a shelf and on the bottom of it there is a hole. So I put a paperclip in the hole and next thing I know i'm in here with all of you.
He goes on to talk about how he got in here and what the little village is called and how over all these years he has tried to get someone's attention to let him and everyone else out. He hasn't been able to do so yet.he also mentions that time is sped up in the globe. One day in the globe is almost a week in real life. I ask him if there is any way out of the snow globe and back to the real world. That he knows of there isn't, but he has heard rumors of a hole on the other side of the globe that if you jump down will take you back. Although no one has been fearless enough to try it. I tell him I will try it if it's what it will take for me to get back to my grandma and the world outside. So the blonde girl and the man both go in the room next door and start moving things around and shuffling object. Then both come back with some coats and gloves and give them to me. Tell me it's cold outside and will need them to stay warm. I thank them and slide the coat over my shoulder and gloves over my hands. Then me and the girl head out the door after thanking the kind gentleman.
When we get out of the old house we start walking slowly down the street. When the man said it was on the other side of the globe I didn't think it would be that far. Let me tell you though it felt like miles before we even made it out of the village. Once we made it out of the village we continued to walk through an empty field with the white of snow stretching for what seemed to be forever. We continued to walk and walk and walk until I couldn't walk anymore. I had to take a rest. So we found a nice place under a tree to rest at for a bit. When we did you could tell neither one of us was in a good mood. We both just stared blankly into the snow wondering if there really was a way out. That's when i decided to break the ice. I made a nice round snowball and threw it at her. Of course with my luck I missed. That's when she got up and launched a snowball and hit me dead center in the chest. Then an all out war started between me and her. A war full of laughter and snowballs and all around fun. By the end of it all it was night. So we decided to set up camp and sleep near the tree until morning.
When I awoke I was immediately greeted with a smile and good morning from the blonde haired girl. We both had a great time yesterday and was well rested and ready for the long walk the day had ahead. I didn't mind though. I got to hang out with the girl for longer and longer each day. Every day growing closer to her. And every day her growing closer to me. After about the third or fourth day of our journey and many stops at random little houses for food we came over top a hill and in the distance could see it. A giant hole at the end of a field. We both just stopped and looked at each other in amazement.
Then at the same time we both turned and took off down the hill kicking up snow behind us as we ran. When we got to the hole I turned and looked at her. I looked at her and told her even though i've only hung out with her for what feels like 4 or 5 days in the globe it would be towards the end of summer outside. And that when my parents first told me I would be going to my grandmothers for the summer I was expecting the most boring summer of my life. But instead I got the exact opposite. I had an amazing summer inside this snow globe hanging out with her. Having snowball fights and long talks about your life before you got trapped. I never expected my best summer to be all in snow. I asked her if she was going to jump in with me and come back to the real world. She said no. she had already spent most of her life in the globe and that going back would be to awkward. I sadly agreed with her and told her one final goodbye before jumping in the hole.
When I jumped in I was falling for what felt like hours just down and down into eternal darkness.  When all of a sudden it all turned white, a bright solid white. When I opened my eyes again I was laying in my bed at my grandma's. I rolled out of bed and went downstairs to be greeted by my grandma cooking one of her delicious pies. I could see the steam rising from the oven and I could smell the sweetness of the apples being baked. I asked her what had happened. She told me that after I had stuck the paper clip into the snow globe that I had been transported inside it. That's when I cut her off and asked her about it. And asked her if she knew about all the people trapped inside there trying to get out, trying to get back to their families. She said yes, she knows all about it, she also knows there is a way out. That anyone in there can get out just by jumping through the hole like I did. I told her that no one there believed it was true. That there really was a way out and back to the real world. She told me that the people would have to face the fear of being stuck and face the fear of jumping to be free. I eventually understood her point of view as well as the others and just had to hope that one day the blonde haired blue eyed girl whose name I never got would finally jump and come enjoy life outside the globe with me.
When I got back to my parents house only a week later they asked how it went. I told them I wanted to go back to grandma's every year for summer. I told them me and grandma watched tv and that she told her outrageous stories and baked her amazing pies all summer. I told them it was one of the best summers of my life and that there is many more to come.
Well, here we are one year later. I learned it's not all about getting to hang out with friends and go swimming and play video games. As long as you are having fun you can spend your summer a million different ways. In fact right now i'm about to go back into the globe to spend my summer in the small village with everyone in it. And maybe one day I can get the blonde haired girl to come home with me.

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