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May 12, 2017
By B_man BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
B_man BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
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My NBA Dream
I had a dream that I was in college, playing basketball for Duke. It is my senior year and we were in the championship. We were down by 2 and everyone was looking at me, a 6`5 shooting guard that can shoot from anywhere and clip-that’s why they call me the clip god! They passed it in right to me with the clock running down from 5. I set my feet in the wing, my favorite place to shoot, and let it fly. The ball flew smoothly in the air and as the clock hit zero and the buzzer buzzed, the ball went in with a swish. We won the championship, we won because of me. Everyone was cheering my nickname, “CLIP GOD, CLIP GOD, CLIP GOD”. I felt like the man, I had 54 points, 13 assist, 11 rebounds, and 4 steals. I had a triple double and I was so happy.
A week after we won, I called the NBA and said “I would like to enter the draft this year” and he said “let me check if you are eligible and I will call you back”. For some reason, I felt dizzy and sick to my stomach, I guess I was just in disbelief and nervous that I blacked out for like 5 minutes. My mom woke me up and said “you got a call” and asked if I was okay and I said “I’m fine” and I told her what I did and she started crying in happy tears. I grabbed my phone and called them back and they said “we are happy to say welcome to the draft Brent Schilling.” I was so excited because I’m going to be a part of the NBA.
It was draft day; there were so many people in the room. I was so hot and sweating so much that I couldn't tell if it was the heat or if it was my nervousness towards the event. They went through the first 3 people and then I hear “number 12 from Duke University, Brent Schilling is drafted to the New York Knicks. I was in shock again, I couldn't believe that I was drafted by my second favorite team. I thought I was going to be drafted by some crappy team like the Brooklyn Nets or the Los Angeles Lakers. After the draft, Carmelo walked up to me and said "congrats on making the team, I am excited to be able to play with you Brent". When he said that, I almost fainted again. I stood there just looking like an idiot and Carmelo looked at me and said “well it was nice meeting you” and walked away. I felt like a total moron.
In the first month I was not doing so hot, but everyone is like that. Then I just started going off and was doing really good. By January, I was starting and getting at least 15 points a game with 5 assists and 3 rebounds too. We eventually got to the championship and we were facing the Golden State Warriors-my most hated team. We were at a 3 to 3 tie in the championship and this last game was for all the marbles. By now I was the best on the team, scoring an average of 26 points a game with around 7 assist and 5 rebounds. We were down by 1 with 12 seconds on the clock. It was the Warriors ball and they were going for a pass in and when they passed it in, they passed it strait to Kristaps Porzi??is guy and before his guy could get it, Kristaps smacked it and it started rolling down the floor and JaVale McGee, the guy he was guarding, dove for it but it was going too fast and he missed it so Kristaps ran after it and dove for it as it got in the paint. Carmelo was right behind him and Kristaps passed it to him but Carmelo’s man got right on him. I just got down the court and Carmelo passed it to me straight away and I looked at the clock; it was counting from 3 so I shot it and once again as the clock hit zero, the ball went in and we won the championship. I was so happy, I was too happy that I fainted once again and I woke up in the trainer’s bed with my net and shirt saying champions on it. My team was right there, waiting for me to wake up. When I did, the team started going nuts, popping champagne bottles open, and partying. We all would remember this forever.  Later on, we would go one to be one of the best teams for like 10 years but we started to fall with 3 championship wins. I would become one of the best players in history breaking many records. I couldn't have been happier!

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