The Thief that didn't get away

May 12, 2017
By Amaria DuPree BRONZE, Fairfield, Ohio
Amaria DuPree BRONZE, Fairfield, Ohio
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Velan is what most would consider a runaway. Seventeen, no family, living on the streets and a thief to add to it all. She couldn’t go into most convenience stores because she’d robbed so many of them. Her face would be everywhere but black ski mask do more than hid your identity. They become you. They take over and send you on a spree of bad decisions. Said bad decisions can be helped but Velan refuses to go to therapy for being a kleptomaniac. She can stop being a thief when she wants. If she wants.

She walked into the convenience store with her black ski mask. “Put your hands up where I can see them!” she screamed. She pulled a shotgun out of her sweatpants and pointed it at the lonely clerk. She could see the panic in his eyes. He had his hands all the way in the air and was crying.

“I'll do anything you want! Just please don't shoot!” he answered. Velan smirked behind the mask. She then pointed the gun towards his head. He shrieked while crying even harder.

“Then put all the money in the register in a bag and give it to me,” She commanded. He did as told quickly. “Now set it on the counter” She lowered the gun a little. He then set the bag on the counter. Quicker than lightning she grabbed the bag and was the door. Only to be met by the police. There were two cars and she had guns pointed at her.

“Put the weapon down and put your hands where we can see them!” the Officer yelled.

Velan knew they wouldn't shoot if she put the weapon down. So that's what she did. The officer’s slightly lowered their guns and started to inch closer. Velan started to think of a way out. She turned to the left and started running as fast as she could. She never had a run in with police during her time as a thief.

She looked behind her and noticed that one of cops was very close. She started running faster than before, or so she thought. She could've sworn she felt breathing on her neck. She hoped it was just the wind. She took a sharp right turn into an alley and saw the dead end up ahead.

“Stop or we’ll shoot!” the two voices were loud enough to make her slow down. She stopped and put her hands on her knees. The closer they got the more she wanted to get. She felt so many emotions from fear to regret. She then finally realized that the bag was gone. Velan had dropped the bag and is now being arrested.

The officers put the young girl in handcuffs and into the back seat of the car. They drove away from the alley. Passed the convenience store she’d just robbed where the clerk was being asked questions about all of it. Velan had deja vu but would never tell anyone.

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