one scary night

May 11, 2017

Glancing wildly about the child rushed out of his bed and slammed to door closed.  He leaned against the door to hear outside; creaking came from the stairs.  He rush under his bed.  The door swung open quickly and out of the darkness a figure emerged. 
The shadowy figure crept slowly.  The child panicked and throws the blankets over his face, curled up in a ball, and struggled to be quiet.  All of a sudden the lights flip on.  The child slowly lowers the blankets to find his mom standing in the doorway.  The child jumped out of his bed ran to his mother wrapped tightly on her leg. 
The mother then picked up the child and put him back into bed.  She knew she would have to stay by his side until he fell asleep.  She passed time by reading him a bedtime story.  His favorite one.  She gently stroked his hair as she read quietly.  When she was sure he was in a deep sleep she gave him a kiss on the head and quietly crept out of his room. 

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