The Case

May 11, 2017
By JunoReese BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
JunoReese BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
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“God, Please! Give me a case! Any case, I beg of you!” Detective Dedrick Rigatoni, chants into deep empty halls of his work place. The dark, musty, humid room slowly collecting dust. broad shoulders lean at the top of the creaky worn out chair, raven hair disheveled by his hands grasping his skull. Using his feet to sway him side to side ever so slowly. Leaning back staring at the ceiling hoping, craving for his phone to call but his line has been dead for a solid month and a half now. Rigatoni was considered the best of the best when it comes to investigating crimes. He has cracked many unsolvable and stored away cases from its’ rusted over hinges, earning himself awards and Medals of Honor.

Like every other investigator, he met his downfall. Rigatoni shook his leg in a very anxious manner. He stared around his room looking at all the newspapers clippings of his accomplishments.

“Rigatoni cracks drug bust!”
“Mr. Dedrick Rigatoni finds killer of Miss Sullivan!”
“Extra! Extra! The Unstoppable Dedrick Solves 32 Cases Without Fail!”

He exhaled deeply and loosened up his tie before opening up his desk drawer to pull out a deck of cards. He tosses his hat from his desk over in front of him, placing his legs on the desk beginning to play card toss. Rigatoni makes a few in but the mass majority of the cards are right outside the large brimmed hat. With some cards left in hand, as he watches the time pass him by.

12:05 AM

“Dedrick Rigatoni, Dedrick Rigatoni, Dedrick Anthony Rigatoni” he mumbles to himself as he shakes his head. Time flies by as he slowly drifted off into a deep sleep as his head rested on his desk. Sirens of police cars, loud engines of bulldozers, wrecking balls, fire trucks just waiting outside the building.

6:42 AM
He wakes and stands up wobbling to the door as his legs feel like freshly cooked spaghetti.

“Too late now champ.” His voice raspy and croaking as he looked at the unplugged phone and empty boxes which lay by his door. He stands in the dust coated mirror and he begins packing his newspaper clippings and anything he deems sentimental or worth any value to him, and all the other objects he treasures so dearly.

8:01 AM

A police officer walks in and helps him carry his now overly packed boxes, before Rigatoni closes the door he takes one last look of his office. He smiles and closes the door. When all the boxes were set in the car, he watches the wrecking ball takes a swing right into his old office. After a few swings, he starts his car, setting it into reverse and drives off. Placing his hand on the most recent newspaper which reads:

“Rigatoni Shuts Down Police Department for Financial Fraud”  

The author's comments:

Juliana Guerrero, interested in all the fine arts including creative writing. Wanting to become an Art therapist in the future. 

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