To All My Friends...

May 9, 2017
By DavisWood PLATINUM, Liberty, South Carolina
DavisWood PLATINUM, Liberty, South Carolina
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To All My Friends,
I have lived a long and cherishable live. I lived and loved and that is all that they say life is about. But along in my travels I realized, life is nothing but a game. We are all pawns and just a small part of this universe but in our minds we are the center of the universe.
But in the end we all have regrets. I regret many things. There were too many things that I left unfinished and too many bridges I left burned, and never had the chance to rebuild them.
I regret the time I spent away from my friends and family through meaningless tasks.
I regret the things I didn’t do because it was ‘immature and unsensible’.
Although I regret all these things I do not regret the things I did do, as stupid as they may have been, because they shaped me to become the man I am, or was in this sense.

Feel no sympathy nor remorse for my body’s gone, thats all. My soul will travel endlessly
A tout le monde
A tous mes amis
Je vous aime
Je dois partir

    Signing off,

The author's comments:

I wrote this about an old man's letter to friends and family when he dies.

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