The Mysterious Old Man

May 9, 2017

As I was pulling in my aunt’s driveway ,I saw this old man he was around 5’8, he had gray curly hair to his shoulders.  He had a eye patch on his left eye. He was walking up and down the street screaming “Sally, where’s Patty?” He kept screaming it over and over again.  I asked my aunt why he was saying that. 
“Is he okay?” I asked.

She replied “He is fine. He just thinks that his wife is alive and home.  He is very sweet and such a wonderful old man. Just get used to him screaming  “sally, where’s Patty?” he says it every afternoon.”

As I was outside enjoying my morning coffee. I saw the old man walking up and down the street.  He was screaming “Sally, where’s Patty?” 

  “Do you need help finding Patty?”

He replied “well sure young man.” 

“What does patty look like sir?”

He replied “He’s a blue lab ,and he has the prettiest blue eyes you will ever see it’s like looking into the ocean.  He has a green and pink collar.  If you shake the food bag he will usually come.”

  As i’m walking up and down the yard screaming “Patty, oh Patty where are you?” I’m shaking the bag while i’m screaming.  I see this big lab limping towards me.  I pick him up and take him to the old man.

“I ask him is patty okay?” He said “yeah he has a limp leg he got ran over a few months ago.”

“Want to come in for dinner?” My wife is somewhere around inside.  I go inside to eat dinner with the old man. 
“What’s your name I asked?”   My name is John lee Adams. 

“What is your name?” “My name is Levi Eugene Smith.” John asked  “How old are you levi?”  “I am 16 years old, what about you sir ?” “He replied I am 78 years old.  I remember being 16 those were the fun days.  I met my wife when I was 16. I joined the army when I was 18 and fought till I was 77.  I just came home a few months ago.  I only got to see my wife every other month.  When I was deployed I didn’t see my wife for two years.  I didn’t really have a social life.  I was focusing on serving our country instead of drinking and partying.  I wish that I got to spend more time with my wife before she was diagnosed with cancer.

“ I’m so sorry ,well thank you for serving our country.  My dad is in the army I don’t get to see him a lot.  When he is home him and my mom fight a lot. I wish I could see him more and get closer to him.  I know he is doing a good thing by serving our country though. Well thank you for dinner it was nice talking to you.  I should probably get back home to my aunt so she doesn’t worry about me.”. 

“He replied it was nice talking to you I don't get company anymore around here.  You are welcome here anytime.”.

“Thank you I told him.”.

As I am looking out my window I see the old man outside again ,but today he wasn’t screaming “Sally, where’s Patty?”.  It looks like he is burying something.

“Hey John what you burying there?”.

“He replied  I am burying my old army papers and all my notes.  I’m making a time capsule for maybe one day my grandkids or their kids might  find it.  I’m leaving a note that has clues where to find it at.  If they ever come around again. I haven’t seen my grandkids in 12 years.”.

“  You mind me asking why you haven’t seen them in 12 years?”.

He replied “me and their mother got into a big argument. She was upset ,because I am in the army, and I am not around a lot. I have missed their birthdays and school activities my boss wouldn’t let me come down unless it was an emergency. I do wish I could have seen them more often. She changed her number and I don’t know her address.  She didn’t believe that my boss wouldn’t let me come down to visit.”.

“Have you ever tried to hunt her down to tell her that your boss wouldn’t let you?”.

He replied “ the real truth is I was in a secret agency for the military my last 22 years serving so I couldn’t text her back and tell her what  I was doing.”

“Does she know that?”  I asked.

“No I wasn’t allowed to tell her anything it was all undercover.  She wouldn’t return any of my calls ,and changed her number. I wish I could just explain everything to her ,but I have no way to get ahold of her.” he replied.

“I’m so sorry about that. I need to head home it is almost dinner time.”

He replied “Okay it was nice having you around”

As I am sitting down eating this delicious chicken alfredo. I’m thinking to myself maybe I could help him find his daughter.  I hate seeing John upset he is such a wonderful old man.  He is so kind hearted and loving.  How am I going to do this though.  Maybe if i figure out her name and then find a way to get her to come down here.

“Hey John what are you doing?” I ask.

He replies “ About to go in and look through old pictures my daughter and I.”

I asked “Mind if I join?”

John replies “ No I don’t mind if you join.”

As i’m walking into John houseI see a picture with a young girl and it says Isabel Meria Dunning.

“Is that your daughter?’ i ask.

He replies “Yes it is.”

“She is beautiful.” I reply.

“Thank you so much” I reply.

“What if I was to help you find your daughter and reunite you guys?” I ask.

“Would you  do that?” John asked.

“ Of course I would do that .  I would love to help and reunite you guys and to see you happy again.” I reply
“ It would mean the world to me if you could reunite me and daughter and that means I could see my grandkids again. I miss those little rug rats. Even though they aren’t so little anymore. I just hope she actually listens to me and believes me. We can always try though.” John replies.

“I can try my best I will go home and look her name up on social media and phone books.” I reply.

“Thank you so much.” John replies.

“Your welcome. I should get home and get started.” I reply.

“Okay I will see you later.”

How am I going to do this. I should start off by looking through the phone books.

“Hey aunt Linda where is your phonebook?” I asked.

She  replies “ On top of the refridg.”

As I am looking through the phone book i’m thinking of what to tell her if I find her.  After looking through the phone book for a few minutes.  I can’t find her. Now time to look on facebook. I think i might of found her.
“ Hey John is Isabell Meria Dunning from michigan?”

“Yes why?” He screams.

“I think I found her. Is this her?”

“Oh my goodness yes. Thank you so much!” he replies.

“Now I just want need to figure out how I am going to do this.  She has her maps on her messenger we can locate her and go to her in person and explain everything. It will be easier to talk to her in person than on the phone.” I explained.

“Okay when you want to go?”  John asked.

“How about we head out in the morning?” John asks.

“Sounds like a plan.” I reply.

“I should head home and get some rest.”  I explain.

As i’m lying down i’m thinking how it is going to go tomorrow.  I hope everything goes wonderful. 

“Today is the big today.  Are you excited?” I ask.

“Yeah i’m just kind of nervous.” he explains.

“It will go good” I explain.

As I am driving John to michigan to meet her daughter.  I’m starting to get kind of nervous.  I can tell he is really nervous too.  He is shaking really bad,and he is turning red as a tomato.

“You know how to work a gps?” I ask.


“No” John asks.

“Well will you drive while I work the gps?” I ask.

“Yes” John replies.

“It looks like we go this way to get to her house. Turn left at the gas station up ahead.” I explain.

“I think that is her house” John replies.

“We are here” I reply.

“I’m getting kind of nervous. What do I say to her?” John asks.

“Just explain everything. It will be fine.  Just go in there and be yourself.” I reply.

“Okay here I go.” John replies.

“Hey Isabel I have something to tell you. Your whole childhood the reason why I couldn’t tell you where I was at or what I was doing was ,because I was in the secret agency.  I couldn’t tell anyone where I was at.  I really do wish I could have told you everything.  I’m hoping we can get close and I also hope I can get my daughter back.” John explains.

“I never would have thought of that.  Maybe we can catch up ,and come close like before you left to the army. “  Isabel explains.

“Yes I would love that so much” John explains.

“So I have my daddy back?”  Isabel asks.

“I never left I have always been here and I always have been your daddy.” John explains.

“Here is my number 734-521-9876.  You can call me anytime.  You can come visit anytime.  Want to come in for dinner?” Isabel explains.

“Yes please.  John replies.”


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