Ding Dong the Teachers Dead

May 8, 2017
By Chimack GOLD, Geneva, Illinois
Chimack GOLD, Geneva, Illinois
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“Welcome to Emerald City High,” Said an overly excitable person.
“Thanks,” I said monotoned feeling the day just go by slowly.
“What’s your name sweet heart,” She said.
“My name is Doret. Just moved her from Kansas,” I said sarcastically.
“Oh well I’m Mrs. Oz if you have any questions just ask me anything,” She said.
“Ok where is Ms. West’s math class?” I asked.
“If I were you I would skip. You don’t want to be in Ms. Wests class. She is wicked,” Said Mrs. Oz.
“What do you mean wicked. I mean where I come from wicked means cool,”
“Ms. West is a wicked witch. She has been teaching her for 300 years she is the evilest math teacher in the school. She failed a girl who was wearing red shows because the shows remined her of her dead sister tragic story a house fell on her. If I were you I would skip her class,” said Mrs. Oz quivering.
“Ok thanks I will find it myself,” 

I walked down the hall looking at my list of classes. Ms. West class room 201 B wing that couldn’t be that hard to find. I looked down at my red dock martens and herd Mrs. Oz’s voce in my head “If I were you I would skip,” I never skipped class in my life I was a good student in Kansas. But I wasn’t in Kansas any moor I went down the green hall way to the B wing with gray lockers flickering lights and sealing that was filled with asbestos that was falling to the floor like snow. This was the scariest hall way in the school I walked down the hall and found room 201. There was Ms. West with her black hair in a bun and her green gray skin. Like me she wore black it was a black dress. I walked in to class which was even creeper then the hall. The walls were gray with black spots, the lights were flickering and some of them were off, there were leaky pipes, and there were no windows, the sealing had water stains, and more asbestos snow. The student looked depressed I sat in my seat.

“Good morning my pretty’s welcome I’m Ms. West and Algebra 1,” said Ms. West in her raspy voice. She walked over to the black bored yes, a black bored and she stared to write. The chock screeched.
“This is going to be hell for you, especially in my class you will want to kill yourself. What are you wearing red show in my class,” She said walking towards me.
“Yes, they are limited addition ruby red dock martens,” I said.
“What is your name,”
“I’m Doret I moved her form Kansas,” I said.
“Well Doret you’re not in Kansas anymore you’re in my class, and in my class, we don’t were red shows so take them off or get out of my class,” Screeched Ms. West.
So, I got out of her class because I was not taking off my show. So, I did what Mrs. Oz told me to do skip her class. I reached in to my jean pocket and found a lighter which was not allowed in school. That is how I got expelled from my old school I set off the sprinklers which gave me an idea. I got something to stand on and flicked my lighter to get a flame under the sprinkler. It worked the s***ty sprinklers went off and then a loud buzzing and light flashing, but this wasn’t a drill I heard screaming.
“Help me Help me I’m melting I’m melting Help me oh god Help me,”
The student ran out of the class room jumping and shouting.
“Doret you’r are hero she is dead the teacher’s dead,” and then they started sing. “ding dong the teacher’s dead yeah that’s what we said, ding dong Ms. West is dead, ding dong the teachers dead hell yeah that is what we said, ding dong Ms. West is dead, ding dong the teacher is dead.”
THE End  

The author's comments:

This short story is my interpratatin of the wizard of Oz. I hope you like it.

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