Snow White and the Poison Apple

May 8, 2017
By trinitylangley BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
trinitylangley BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
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The story starts off with Snow yelling at her stepmother, for she had just thrown Prince Charming out of the house, for he was extremely rude to Snow’s stepmother, and Snow, well she refuses to leave him.
Snow had always hated her stepmother, but after this incident, Snow had sworn on everything she had, she will make her life terrible, and more regretful than anything else! Snow knew that her so called Prince Charming would do anything to make Snow happy, and that is why he was so mean to her stepmother, Snow had told him to. Snow used to get along with her stepmother but then the whole incident had happened with her father, we will get into that later, but she had just gained hatred on her stepmother more, and more, and more.

Snow snuck off into the woods to meet Prince Charming out at the seven dwarfs house, she had known the the seven dwarfs held the power to poison anything with the touch of their fingertips, so she brought along an apple which she would poison her stepmother with and make her feel the same pain she did when banishing her from seeing Prince Charming. She had talked to Grumpy and he said he would do it which he did. Once she had the apple she went up to Prince Charming and told him she was going to use the apple on her  tonight, and they she shall run away and live in the shadows where no one could find her. He tried to convince her to let one of his men do it so she could live in peace with him, but she told him she swore SHE and SHE only could poison her and fulfill her plan of ruining her life.

Snow walked into the kitchen and gave the chef the apple and told her to make her stepmother an apple pie, which the chef did. Snow ordered her to deliver her the pie saying it was from a “fellow citizen”. Once the pie was delivered Snow watched her stepmother eat the pie without noticing a single time that it had a “secret” ingredient. After an hour of waiting around for the poison to kick in, and then just like that it the poison apple kicked in and her stepmother fell to her knees gasping for her breath and Snow sat there watching her as she struggled to find air. Snow ran off into the forest into hiding and as she made it near the cottage three men in the towns uniform stood waiting for Snow, and as she peeked around a tree she saw Prince Charming talking to the men in uniform telling them all about Snow’s plan to poison her. Snow was in disbelief at what she was hearing, she knew this was because she was going into hiding and was going to cut off all communication with the outside world. She knew she would have to face them sometime but as of right now she was going into her back up hiding spot,so there Snow hid for three months, and by the time she thought it was safe and clear she went back to the cottage and there she stayed for another 3 months. One day during her staying there she heard the door open and the clicks of Prince Charming’s boots against the wood floors, Snow jumped out of the bed and hid in the closet waiting for Prince Charming to leave, which he didn’t. Snow hid in that closet for two hours and when she THOUGHT it was clear she headed out into the living room where Prince Charming was sitting there ready to arrest her and keep her in the town’s jail, where Snow sat in Prison for twelve years while she planned her escape with one of the guards, just waiting for the right time.

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